cheers to a new year!

2013 was a great year. But I am so excited for this new year to start and see what adventures 2014 has for me. I will begin my senior year of college in 2014. I will spend the whole summer with the love of my life. Hopefully this little blog and my design site will grow even more, and I'm sure there will be many amazing things that happen next year that I can't even imagine right now! Looking into the future, I am just very excited about what is to come. It's almost the end of the month, which means that it is now time to share with you all January's topic for the Ten Favorite Things link up! On Monday January 6, come join me to share your ten favorite things about a new year!

Grab the button from my sidebar for your post and get it ready! I can't wait what you all have to say! But for now, here are my Ten Favorite Things about a new year!

one opportunity. A new year means new opportunities and fresh starts. Whether it's an opportunity with a new job, or something within your school, making new friends or meeting your soul mate, there is always the anticipation of new beginnings that excite me so much. While 2013 had many of those things for me, I know that 2014 is going to be just as amazing, if not more!
two the weather. In Arizona, it doesn't really get not hot as hell cold until the end of December/January, so I always love the weather at the beginning of the new year. I might be regretting saying that though when I'm still in Montana and its -100 degrees and snowing outside! Brrr.
three motivation. With resolutions and goals swirling around this time of year, I always have a little extra motivation. I'm not particularly fond of making resolutions because I usually never follow through with them, but I am always excited to start the year out on a happy and healthy note!
four New Years Eve. I know this is technically not part of the new year, but I mean c'mon, who doesn't love getting a little cray cray on New Years?! Poor Handsome got to spend it last year in Amsterdam and this year has to spend it in Montana with his girlfriend who can't legally go out and drink, but I'm sure that we're going to have a good time!
five new classes. I am so glad that college classes are only a semester long. I don't know how I stayed in the same class for a whole year in high school. By the time the semester is over, I am so sick of my classes and so so sooo ready to move on! Next semester I am taking mostly business and psychology classes, which might be a lot of work but at least I'm finally taking classes that I'm interested in!
six reading people's resolutions. Like I said, I'm not big on making my own resolutions. But I do love reading other people's resolutions and betting on how long they'll actually stick to them. 
seven relaxation. I love the holidays. I really love them. It's hands down the best time of the year and I wish that it could be all year long. But, sometimes it can be really stressful! With finals, gift shopping, arranging travel, and all of the other craziness that comes with the season, the new year presents a chance to get away from it all. The stress and chaos is finally over, and we can relax.
eight reflection. A new year also calls for reflecting over the past year. Enjoying the memories made and learning from the mistakes can be very helpful when starting fresh!
nine another birthday. Uh...who doesn't love birthdays?! Another year means that another birthday is coming! That's the funny thing about birthdays...they're kind of an annual thing. (Yes, I just quoted Tangled.)
ten change. I guess this one kind of goes along with number one, but a new year allows for change. Change in your life, body, and mind. There's always something we can do to make ourselves and our lives better, and starting a new year off with this mentality can be an amazing thing. If we all try to be a little kinder, a little more patient, or treat one another with a little more respect- think about all of the change that can be made!

Don't forget to get your posts ready and come link up on the seventh! Cheers to a new year! 
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montana update

Oops, I told you guys that I'd be announcing the Ten Favorite Things topic today, but I still have a few things to sort out, so that'll come tomorrow! Sorry! For now, here's what I've been up to.

Handsome left for work this morning, so I have a few days to myself (boo), but I guess its a good time to catch up on blogging/reading. I've been slacking since I've been here, and my heart hasn't been into my blog as much as it should be, but I'm just trying to spend as much time with him as possible. So if that means that the blog has to take a back burner. that's okay with me. But I do apologize, and I promise that I'll do as much as I can in the next few days while he's gone to get back into it! We have some exciting things coming up! Don't forget about January's Ten Favorite Things link up on the 7th! Also, I have something exciting for you all on New Year's Day!

A few things:

one. Handsome and I have just been relaxing, really. We went on a date to a little steakhouse here and then saw Catching Fire (finally). It was so good! And I got to wear my Hunter boots finally!
food, Jakers, Montana, date night, update

hunter boots, fashion, love, long distance, montana, date night, air force

two. I'm pretty sure Handsome's basement is haunted. It looks like its straight out of a horror movie. He ven calls it "the conjuring basement" like in the movie. Ugh...that's where the laundry is.

three. I mentioned that I read The Fault in Our Stars and that really got me in the reading mood, so I borrowed a book from Chelsea called Riptide and I just finished that one, too. Holy cow that book was intense, and I loved it! I love any type of crime thriller novels. This one was good, I definitely recommend it! We're going to head to Barnes & Noble tomorrow to get some more books, so if you have a suggestion, let me know!

four. Handsome let me drive his truck last night to go get us food. I made Chelsea come with me and I was scared shitless because I've never really driven it before, and I'm used to my tiny little lancer. And of course, I had to do like four u-turns and pull into a driveway the size of a pretzel stick to get to where we were going. But I made it! So that's the most exciting thing happening in my life right now...

five. Chelsea and I got our nails done today. That was an experience.. They messed up her toes and my nails, and then we found out it was $55 just FOR A MANICURE! Uhm, excuse me. Take this shit off. I almost died and now I'm really broke. So that's good..

six. I couldn't share what I'm listening to with you last week because it was Christmas, and I have a special surprise for next wednesday, but I just have to share with you two of Jake Owen's new songs because I'm obsessed and they're amazing. Enjoy!

Basically, I don't have much to share (obviously). I'm just enjoying my time with my man and soaking it all up before I have to head home in a couple of weeks! I'm having such a good time and I really like Montana. Every time I'm with him I'm reminded of how perfect life's going to be when I can finally live with him! I can't wait. He's such a sweetheart, and I'm the luckiest girl in the world! 

DIY I Love You Because dry erase board, love, long distance, montana, update, air force
He's the sweetest right?!

If you'd like to start the new year with a new design, check out my design site!

Also, with the start of the new year, I really want to focus on writing things that you guys love to read! So, I want to hear from you: what kind of posts do you like to read from me? Is there something you'd love to see more or less of? Let me know! And be honest! I know that this is my space and I can share whatever I want (and I'll always do that), but it would be helpful to hear from you!

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meet zia from bits of days!

Good morning my lovelies! I hope everyone is doing well! Today I want to introduce you to one of my amazing sponsors! But before I do that, I have an announcement! Beloved Designs is now selling pre-made designs! They are $35 dollars, and this is a great option if you're not looking to come up with an idea completely on your own. This is a much quicker and easier way to do the design process! I will be adding more designs often, so you can keep checking back and see if there is one you love! Here's the best part- once the design is sold, it will be taken off the site, so no one else will have it! It will be completely yours. Here are a few that are up right now!

If you would like to purchase one of these, please visit here

Anyway, back to the really important stuff! Meet Zia. Zia blogs over at Bits of Days. She's from Indonesia, but now she lives in Germany (jealous) and she shares tons of amazing tips and stories about living abroad!

Tell us a little about yourself
I originally come from Indonesia, but now studying at a university in Germany. I started blogging when I was 15 and have maybe over 10+ blogs scattered all over Blogger, Tumblr, and Wordpress. I always love writing because I'm not that talkative so I 'speak' up through words and that's why I love blogging!

What inspires your writing?
Basically everything. Everything that sounds interesting or can be entertaining inspire my writing. My blog is everything-thrown-together-kind-of-blog so I have no specific source of inspirations!

If you could have a super power, what would it be?
Mind reader! No more miscommunications and no more over studying for quizzes, hahaha.

What is your favorite movie and why?

Titanic, hands down! I always cry watching it, I mean, really the door is big enough to keep them both afloat!

What would you do if you won a million dollars?
Student loan comes first! Then also the rest of tuition fees until I graduate! The rest maybe I'll give to my parents, buy my own house and car, donate to some charities, and finally invest in some stocks or my own startup business!

Share one of your most memorable experiences

When I flew with an airplane for the first time. The thing is, it was my first time flying and I already flew halfway around the world from Jakarta, Indonesia to Washington, DC! I was really excited and didn't even experience jet lag!

Thanks girl!
Go show Zia some love :)
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christmas recap

Well, I was a bad blogger and didn't take many...well any...pictures this Christmas. Except this one which isn't that good.
Christmas, first christmas, recap, montana, winter, cold, love, long distance
But needless to say, I had an amazing holiday with that man this year! Christmas eve we just hung out and relaxed. We did open one present early, and it was from my mom. She had sent us a bunch of gifts ahead of time so we'd have them by Christmas. She sent us this adorable ornament and I love love love it!
Christmas, first christmas, recap, montana, winter, cold, love, long distance, ornament,
Cute right? So, Christmas morning we woke up early and once everyone was up we opened presents! I got so much good shit! My boyfriend's roommates got me some adorable clothes (VS yoga pants, a sparkly sweater, and the cutest vest ever). It was awesome. My mom send handsome and I a Starbs card (hellz yeah) and a mug and pillow that had pictures of us on it. Handsome got me some VS lotion and perfume that I love, The Fault in Our Stars which I had been dying to read, and a Michael Kors purse that I've been wanting since May. He's too good to me!

Handsome got spoiled, too. His roommates got his Duck Dynasty seat covers for his truck.  I got him a new watch, wallet, ASU sweatshirt (gross) and some new shoes. He loved it all which is good because I was nervous that he'd hate it. I always do that when I buy him gifts- I second guess what I got and get nervous that he wont like them. But I know him pretty well, and it always ends up alright.

Anyway, we finished opening presents and made a big breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, a shit ton of bacon, and these heavenly biscuit things. Mmm! It was de-lish. Once we stuffed our faces, the boys played Call of Duty: Ghosts (his roommates present from his wife, Chelsea) and Chels and I got to work making dinner! We made so. much. food. Ham, hash brown casserole, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, homemade macaroni, stuffing, and peanut butter fudge. While drinking wine of course (we might've switched to margs at about 3). Dinner was ah-mazing and we were all in food comas for about an hour after we ate. We'll probably have leftovers for like a month...and I'm totally okay with that. I did eat way too much cheese though, and my stomach was not happy. It was so worth it.

Throughout the day I read The Fault in Our Stars and I finished it the same day (which never happens). It was so good! Have you read it? If you have, I'd love to talk about it! Now I'm reading a book Chelsea gave me, called Riptide by Catherine Coulter. I'm only about 100 pages in, but I'm hooked. I forgot how much I enjoy reading!

So basically, I had a great Christmas. I feel so blessed that I got to spend it with the love of my life and I can't wait to spend every Christmas with him for the rest of our lives! I'm one lucky girl :) 
How was your holiday? I can't wait to hear all about them!

Also, if you'd like to participate in my favorite things giveaway, please fill out this form!

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merry christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! I figured you'll be too preoccupied with family and presents and good food to care about what i'm listening to this week, so we'll start that again next week! Have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday lovelies!

If you're bored and need a little something to read, I thought I'd share my most popular posts from 2013 (well, the last four months of it at least!):

Have a happy holiday everyone!

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christmas traditions

As you all know, this year, I get to spend Christmas in Montana with Handsome and I am oh so very excited! I really really love it here so far! It's been snowy and cold but it's really beautiful! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year, and I'm so happy I get to spend it with the love of my life! We were kind of together for last Christmas- we liked each other, didn't want to see anyone else, but we hadn't hung out yet (he was still in Germany). So this will be our first Christmas together. When I think about our future and the many holidays we will get to spend together in the future, it makes me so happy to know that all of the traditions we will raise our family with can start this year.

So, I thought I would share some of the traditions Handsome and I want to start.

Matching pjs. He thinks I'm crazy but I'm so getting us matching flannel PJs and santa hats to wear Christmas Eve/Christmas morning

Chocolate chip pancakes. Every year on Christmas morning I want to make Christmas tree shaped chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast!

See Christmas lights. Of course I want us to put up our own, but I also want to go see other people's. I want us to get all bundled up, get hot chocolate, and then drive around the city looking at all of the pretty lights!

Christmas cards. By next Christmas, we'll likely be engaged, so once that happens we want to start sending Christmas cards every year to friends and family. I'm trying to convince him to wear matching sweaters and get one for our puppy too..but he refuses to dress up our dog! But I mean he'd do anything to make me happy, so next year expect to see plenty of doggy sweaters.

Bake cookies. Once we have kids, I want to spend Christmas Eve baking cookies for them to leave for Santa! Then, once they go to sleep Dj and I can eat them all and drink wine and enjoy each other's company :)

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tis the season

for vlogging? Hm. Well, handsome doesn't know this but I'm just going to throw it out there that if you guys leave us some questions, we'll answer them in a vlog. They can be for me, for him, or for us both. And they can be about anything! This could be fun, right? It could also be awful because I'm so awkward. But hey, we'll see what happens. Ask away!

ALSO I have an exciting giveaway opportunity coming up! If you would like to participate, please fill out this form and email me if you have questions!

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100th post!

Wow! Well ladies and gents, you are currently reading my 100th post on this little blog of mine! It amazes me that I started Endlessly Beloved only four months ago, and it has grown so much! As I sat in my house writing my very first post, with no direction, a messy and generic blogger template, and not one clue about blogging, I never would've guessed that it would become so important to me! I just wanted to take this time to thank each and every one of you. I'm so thankful for my readers, my design clients, my sponsors (go say hi to Tabitha and Zia) and all of the lovely comments I receive on a daily basis. I love reading the sweet comments you all leave and I try my best to respond to every one (if you don't get responses from me that means you must be a no-reply blogger!). 

I don't have anything planned for this 100th post....mostly because I didn't realize that I was coming up on this milestone! I've been preoccupied the last few days being in Montana and spending time with Handsome. But now he's gone at work (for three days..boo) so I've had some time to catch up on some blogging, get the last few Christmas presents I needed for him, and to watch some more Hart of Dixie which I'm a little obsessed with right now. Also, Beloved Designs got a mini makeover and I updated my design options, so take a look!

I love it here in Montana. The weather, while snowy, is pretty perfect and his city is so cute! I wish I could stay longer! But I'm thankful we get to spend Christmas (with Duck Dynasty stockings of course!) and New Years together! I'm excited to share with you what I got Dj for Christmas, but just to be safe I'm going to wait until after the holidays for that! But anyway, we're having an amazing time just being together. I can't wait until every day is like this!
Anyway, I hope everyone is having an amazing week and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! Again, thank you so much for being so loyal and for coming back to this blog every day and reading the nonsensical words that are really usually just word vomit. But hey! In celebration of my 100th post, the first two lovely people to sign up to sponsor Endlessly Beloved will get a second month free, and the first person to order a design will get 10% off! 

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reeses puffs and whipped cream covered waffles

Happy Thursday! It's time for another Boys Behind the Blog link up! Mallory and Stephanie host this awesome link up where they post five questions for the boys behind our blogs to answer! I love when Dj gets to take over the blog for a day!
Never The Same Spice Twice
1. What is your favorite cereal?
Right now I'd say it's Reeses Puffs. I just started eating them and they're delicious.
Funny cereal quote "I learned something about myself today. I like to eat my cereal in a really big bowl with a really small spoon" -Handsome

2. Pancakes or waffles?
Waffles. No doubt. With whipped cream.
He likes more whipped cream/toppings than actual waffle
  Belgian Waffles, Belgium, Brussels, Europe, Air Force, Trip, Love, Long distance 
3. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
I don't have very many holiday traditions. But we always used to go to my grandma's house for Thanksgiving and eat way too much food want watch football. My grandma and I talk about football haha. And for Christmas we always open presents together and have a big dinner.
It's a little hard now for him to have Christmas traditions since he's away from family. But this year we get to spend it together and start our own traditions!

4. Finish the sentence: All I want for Christmas is...
To be able to see you and kiss you! 
He's sweet :)

5. What was your best moment of 2013?
I'd have to say the whole summer that we got to spend together. We did a lot of cool stuff and got to see some pretty cool things. I wouldn't trade that for anything.
It definitely was an amazing summer! You can read about it here.
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christmas music makes my heart happy

I've been listening to Christmas music for a solid month now, and I always find it hard to stop once Christmas is over. I really love it. By now you've probably realized that I only listen to country music, so it shouldn't surprise you that I listen to country Christmas music. I thought that this week, instead of sharing one song with you, I would share my Christmas playlist. Warning: it's basically the same couple of songs by a bunch of different artists.

My favorites from this playlist are Run Run Rudolph by Luke Bryan (obviously) and Baby, It's Cold Outside by Lady A. Definitely worth adding to your Christmas playlists!
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a year in review

Good morning my lovely and amazing readers! I'm off to an early start today because....I'M GOING TO MONTANA TODAY!!!!! Can you tell I'm a little excited? :) I can't wait to get there and see my handsome man!!!!! Before you read the post I have for you today, you should check out Nikki's blog because I just finished her new design! If you'd like to start your new year off with a new design, check out Beloved Designs! Also, check out my sponsorship options and snatch up one of those babies before prices go up soon! :) Anyway, on to todays post....

Looking back on this past year, I can easily and honestly say that it has been the best year of my life. Hopefully, in the years to come, I can say that again- I know that each year from here on out will be special and exciting because I'm reaching such a pivotal point in my life! But even five years from now, when I look back, I think that 2013 will always have a special place in my heart for so many reasons.
Europe, Germany, Edelweiss, Garmisch, Mountains, Snow, a year in review, 2013

I met the love of my life. This year I met the man of my dreams and was the first of many wonderful years to come! He changed my life in so many ways, and it's hard to believe that someone can mean so much to me in only a year! 

I got to go to Europe. I never thought I would get the chance to visit another country. It's expensive and it's not something that's easily done. It has always been something I've dreamed about doing, and this year I actually got to experience it. With my best friend! It was amazing.

I finished half of my schooling. After this year, I only have three semesters to go. A year and a half and I'll graduate and finally be able to live with Dj and start my life with him!

I moved into my first apartment. I lived in the dorms last year, which is technically living "on my own" but this year I really got a feel for life as an adult. I had to pay bills and clean up after myself, which doesn't sound fun, but it's such a nice feeling being out on my own!

I got an amazing job. I really really love my job. The family I work for is so sweet, and the little guy I watch couldn't be any cuter. The schedule is perfect and it's a very relaxed job! I'm very very lucky! :)

I started this blog. Endlessly Beloved was born in August, and when I began blogging I had no clue that it would become such an important aspect of my life. I fell in love with blogging, designing, and I've received so much love and support from you all. I couldn't be more grateful, so thank you! To each and every one of you that come on over here day after day and read my nonsense- I'm so thankful for you.

What are your memorable moments from the past year?
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you know he's a keeper when...

I think its such an amazing thing to fall in love with your best friend. I'm so incredibly lucky that I've found the man that makes me the happiest and loves me unconditionally, and I'm so lucky that he's honestly my best best friend. It's only been a year since Dj and I have been together, but I already know I'm spending forever with him. He's definitely a keeper. How do I know? Because he's my best friend.

boyfriend, you know he's a keeper when, gentleman, relationship, love

You have fun doing extremely boring things together. When you're with him, even grocery shopping or cleaning the house and folding laundry becomes fun. No one likes laundry- Handsome and I both really hate it. He leaves his clothes in the dryer for like two weeks because he doesn't want to fold them. But when we're doing it together it's really not so bad. I mean how could you not have fun when you're having a shirt folding competition or throwing socks at your boyfriend right?

You have fun doing absolutely nothing together. If you can spend a whole day just sitting around the house doing nothing together, but before you go to bed you think, "Today was a good day," then you know you've got a keeper. If you're in a relationship with your best friend, you shouldn't feel the need to always go out. I love going on dates, don't get me wrong- but I think it's important to be able to stay in and enjoy each other's company, too.

You can fart in front of him. I mean, c'mon, everyone farts. If you can fart in front of him and he's cool about it, then you're good.

You can make fun of him. Handsome has a big forehead. He makes fun of my fingers because they're really long. We love to joke around and make fun of each other. If you're always serious and you don't have a playful side when you're with your significant other- where's the fun in that?! If he teases you, and you can tease right back then I think you're in for a very happy relationship.

You can tell him anything. Whether its something funny that happened, the latest drama, or a good grade on a test, Handsome is always the first to know. I mean sure, he probably gets tired of hearing me talk about all of the girly gossip around here, but he's my best friend! Who else am I going to tell?! It's also really important to be able to tell each other how you feel. If you're uneasy about something, tell him. If he genuinely cares about the way you're feeling, and takes your concerns into consideration- he's a keeper. It's so important that you both can express the way you feel and don't have to hold anything back!

They sometimes suffer for your pleasure. That sounded weird. But here's what I'm trying to say: if he's really the one for you, sometime's he will do things that he doesn't want to do just to make you happy. Maybe it's watching Bridesmaids with you way too much or letting you drag him around the mall for hours. If you have a guy that will do literally anything for you (maybe even let you paint his nails once..hehe) then he's a keeper for sure. And yes, I make Handsome do all of that probably more than I should..

And then of course there are the obvious one's like he makes you feel good about yourself, he's a gentleman, he surprises you sometimes, and he's trustworthy, and all that good stuff. But hey, if you've got a man that fits most of this, ball and chain that shiz right now because he's definitely a keeper!

boyfriend, you know he's a keeper when, gentleman, relationship, love, fall in love with your best friend

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romantic retreats with a difference [guest post]

Happy Thursday! Three days and I'll be leaving for Montana and I'm beyond excited. I can't wait to spend some quality time with Handsome! I have a special guest post for you here today on romantic retreats that I think you'll really enjoy!!! 

A romantic holiday means something different to each of us. If you’re a big city person, the bustling metropolis of New York could provide an exciting backdrop to your romantic encounters. Or perhaps you dream of escaping civilization altogether, finding peace with your lover in a secluded hut high up in the mountains. No matter what it is that you desire, chances are there’s a romantic trip that’s been tailored just for you. Here are some exciting getaways from around the world to set your imagination on fire.

Hotel Kakslauttanen – Urho Kekkonen National Park, Finland
Imagine snuggling with your partner in a fluffy sleeping bag as you gaze up through the glass ceiling of your very own igloo and see the northern lights dancing across the sky. This secluded hotel in Finland’s Lapland wilderness has 20 domed igloos constructed from thermal glass, allowing guests to just that. If you’re staying in winter, you can even sleep in a real igloo made from the snow!

Sometimes you don’t have to go far to get away from it all. Melbourne based romantics need only travel 45 mins to reach a Japanese heated mineral spring. This spa retreat in the Yarra Valley blends the Japanese cultural tradition of the Ryokan with sleek modern architecture. Guests enjoy a traditional Japanese onsen, spa and massage therapies, fine dining and luxury bedrooms.
This brand new luxury resort is an outpost of the original Delano hotel in Miami, Florida. Seventy-one rooms adjoin a 6,500 square foot spa in the heart of Marrakech. Shop for luxury bargains during the morning, ride a camel in the afternoon and toast to the sunset as you sit on the rooftop bar. The architecture of the hotel is as alluring as the destination itself. Four floors are dressed in a metallic façade with cutout circles and fronted by an elegant water garden lit with colourful lights.

There are just 11 rooms in this cosy hideaway on the banks of the Mo Chu River in Bhutan, but a staff to guest ratio of two to one. Warm your hands on the fire from your chimenea and admire views of terraced rice fields, snow capped Himalayan peaks and the temple of Khamsum Yuley Namgay. Hike the mountains and explore a seventeenth century fortress before retiring to a soothing hot soak in your bathtub.

Speaking of seventeenth century monasteries, this brand new chic luxury resort in the Mediterranean offers a trip back in time. Retreat to a spiritual sanctuary perched atop a rock promontory that’s out of reach from Amalfi’s day trippers. There’s a spectacular infinity pool to enjoy your cocktail in, as well as gorgeous terraced gardens and jaw dropping clifftop views of the Mediterranean.

Ivy Delfin is a passionate explorer who writes for a tourism marketing company.

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i know a good thing when i see it

Well, finals week is almost over and by this time next week I'll be in Montana freezing my ass off! At least I'll be with Handsome :) Good luck to everyone going through finals and I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Anyway, the plan for this week was to share some of my favorite Christmas music that's basically been playing nonstop around here. But I recently discovered this new song and I'm obsessed right now, so sorry but the Christmas is going to have to wait until next week!

This week, I'm listening to Good Thing by Keith Urban. This song is from his new album, Fuse, and I really really love it. The whole album as a whole is pure gold! Speaking of gold, if you get a chance, you should also listen to Jake Owen's new album, Days of Gold...but we'll save that for another week! ;)

Here are the lyrics:

Mmm, just hold it now, let me put my drink down
Baby, tell me are you really for real?
Swingin side-to-side, doin that electric slide
Spinnin' on your pretty little cowgirl boot heels
And you're all alone and that ain't right
A girl like you should have the best of everything
Like someone to treat you right
What I wouldn't give to hold you close
Longer than tonight
Cause I know a good thing when I see it
And you got somethin' like I ain't never see before
Yeah, I know a sweet dream when I dream it
Just give me one chance and you'll never be lonely no more
The possibilities, mmm, they're killin' me
Like you're killin' every dude in the room with the way you move
And you ain't slowin' down, my heads spinnin' round
But this neon buzz is a-gettin' me up and I wanna get down with you
Cause I know a good thing when I see it
And you got somethin' like I ain't never see before
Yeah, I know a sweet dream when I dream it
Just give me one chance and you'll never be lonely no more
Cause I know a good thing when I see it
And you got somethin' like I ain't never see before
Yeah, I know a sweet dream when I dream it
If you let me be your man you'll never be lonely no more

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