you know he's a keeper when...

I think its such an amazing thing to fall in love with your best friend. I'm so incredibly lucky that I've found the man that makes me the happiest and loves me unconditionally, and I'm so lucky that he's honestly my best best friend. It's only been a year since Dj and I have been together, but I already know I'm spending forever with him. He's definitely a keeper. How do I know? Because he's my best friend.

boyfriend, you know he's a keeper when, gentleman, relationship, love

You have fun doing extremely boring things together. When you're with him, even grocery shopping or cleaning the house and folding laundry becomes fun. No one likes laundry- Handsome and I both really hate it. He leaves his clothes in the dryer for like two weeks because he doesn't want to fold them. But when we're doing it together it's really not so bad. I mean how could you not have fun when you're having a shirt folding competition or throwing socks at your boyfriend right?

You have fun doing absolutely nothing together. If you can spend a whole day just sitting around the house doing nothing together, but before you go to bed you think, "Today was a good day," then you know you've got a keeper. If you're in a relationship with your best friend, you shouldn't feel the need to always go out. I love going on dates, don't get me wrong- but I think it's important to be able to stay in and enjoy each other's company, too.

You can fart in front of him. I mean, c'mon, everyone farts. If you can fart in front of him and he's cool about it, then you're good.

You can make fun of him. Handsome has a big forehead. He makes fun of my fingers because they're really long. We love to joke around and make fun of each other. If you're always serious and you don't have a playful side when you're with your significant other- where's the fun in that?! If he teases you, and you can tease right back then I think you're in for a very happy relationship.

You can tell him anything. Whether its something funny that happened, the latest drama, or a good grade on a test, Handsome is always the first to know. I mean sure, he probably gets tired of hearing me talk about all of the girly gossip around here, but he's my best friend! Who else am I going to tell?! It's also really important to be able to tell each other how you feel. If you're uneasy about something, tell him. If he genuinely cares about the way you're feeling, and takes your concerns into consideration- he's a keeper. It's so important that you both can express the way you feel and don't have to hold anything back!

They sometimes suffer for your pleasure. That sounded weird. But here's what I'm trying to say: if he's really the one for you, sometime's he will do things that he doesn't want to do just to make you happy. Maybe it's watching Bridesmaids with you way too much or letting you drag him around the mall for hours. If you have a guy that will do literally anything for you (maybe even let you paint his nails once..hehe) then he's a keeper for sure. And yes, I make Handsome do all of that probably more than I should..

And then of course there are the obvious one's like he makes you feel good about yourself, he's a gentleman, he surprises you sometimes, and he's trustworthy, and all that good stuff. But hey, if you've got a man that fits most of this, ball and chain that shiz right now because he's definitely a keeper!

boyfriend, you know he's a keeper when, gentleman, relationship, love, fall in love with your best friend

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  1. Beautiful & most sweetest post :) I love the fart factor & couldn't agree more with it haha!

  2. I must admit..I farted on Chris our first date..we are married 4 years now..lol

  3. This is so perfect. I agree with it all 100% I've practice makeup techniques on Marc's face (on the condition he can do my makeup afterwards... that was never agreed to again!) But it's so true. When he's happiest doing things that make you happy, he's the one. <3

  4. This is so true! My favorite thing to do with my husband is nothing. Our best dates are when we do nothing.

  5. I love this! It's so true though. I feel the exact same way about John!

  6. Adorable!!! :D My favorite is definitely the part about farting. :) haha

  7. very true. :D


  8. So this is the cutest post I've read in awhile--I love that you included farting in there.

  9. I love this post - everything on this list is SO true!