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As you all know, this year, I get to spend Christmas in Montana with Handsome and I am oh so very excited! I really really love it here so far! It's been snowy and cold but it's really beautiful! Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year, and I'm so happy I get to spend it with the love of my life! We were kind of together for last Christmas- we liked each other, didn't want to see anyone else, but we hadn't hung out yet (he was still in Germany). So this will be our first Christmas together. When I think about our future and the many holidays we will get to spend together in the future, it makes me so happy to know that all of the traditions we will raise our family with can start this year.

So, I thought I would share some of the traditions Handsome and I want to start.

Matching pjs. He thinks I'm crazy but I'm so getting us matching flannel PJs and santa hats to wear Christmas Eve/Christmas morning

Chocolate chip pancakes. Every year on Christmas morning I want to make Christmas tree shaped chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast!

See Christmas lights. Of course I want us to put up our own, but I also want to go see other people's. I want us to get all bundled up, get hot chocolate, and then drive around the city looking at all of the pretty lights!

Christmas cards. By next Christmas, we'll likely be engaged, so once that happens we want to start sending Christmas cards every year to friends and family. I'm trying to convince him to wear matching sweaters and get one for our puppy too..but he refuses to dress up our dog! But I mean he'd do anything to make me happy, so next year expect to see plenty of doggy sweaters.

Bake cookies. Once we have kids, I want to spend Christmas Eve baking cookies for them to leave for Santa! Then, once they go to sleep Dj and I can eat them all and drink wine and enjoy each other's company :)

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  1. Love them all!!


  2. Making and sending Christmas cards is one of the Christmas Traditions I'm looking forward to most when I have a family of my own! Hope you have a lovely and very merry Christmas! :)

  3. Love the matching PJ's tradition!!! I love driving around trying to find houses with lights on them. It gets me in the spirit! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Making traditions is one of the best parts of having a significant other! Many happy Christmases to you and your sweet boyfriend, Brianna!

  5. christmas traditions are my favorite - we do the lights and the cookies -- but now i want to start up with matching pajamas too! thanks for sharing & happy holidays!!

  6. I love these! I plan on getting us PJs to wear Christmas Eve & Christmas Day too! And similar to your breakfast idea, I'll be making cinnamon rolls laid out in the shape of a tree. I'm excited to start our own traditions this year :)

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  7. Matching pajamas would be so fun! My husband would think I was crazy as well! And chocolate chip pancakes sound SO yummy, now I'm craving them. I love sending out Christmas cards every year. My husband doesn't see the purpose, but it's something I've done since our first year of marriage! :) How fun, thanks for linking up!

  8. Sending Christmas cards and writing a Christmas letter is one of my FAV parts of the holiday season! haha

  9. MMMMMM, pancakes. That sounds like a tradition I would like to start. I am going to be writing about my favorite Christmas traditions on my blog on Thursday.

  10. Very cute! I tried to get my husband on board with jammies but he wasn't for it lol. I plan on spending Christmas Eve making cookies with our babies, too. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday!

  11. I definitely want a doggy Christmas sweater card next year! Haha. :) I love these ideas!

  12. These are the traditions we do as well! My husband doesn't like dressing our dogs up so our compromise is holiday headbands. Reindeer ears, elf ears, etc.
    I can't wait to see your traditions fall into place

  13. Hope you had a great Christmas with Handsome!!! I LOVE ALL OF THESE IDEAS FOR CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS!! We only just spent our 3rd Christmas together as husband+wife so I love these ideas for new Christmas traditions! PJs and Pancakes are my fave! :)