christmas recap

Well, I was a bad blogger and didn't take many...well any...pictures this Christmas. Except this one which isn't that good.
Christmas, first christmas, recap, montana, winter, cold, love, long distance
But needless to say, I had an amazing holiday with that man this year! Christmas eve we just hung out and relaxed. We did open one present early, and it was from my mom. She had sent us a bunch of gifts ahead of time so we'd have them by Christmas. She sent us this adorable ornament and I love love love it!
Christmas, first christmas, recap, montana, winter, cold, love, long distance, ornament,
Cute right? So, Christmas morning we woke up early and once everyone was up we opened presents! I got so much good shit! My boyfriend's roommates got me some adorable clothes (VS yoga pants, a sparkly sweater, and the cutest vest ever). It was awesome. My mom send handsome and I a Starbs card (hellz yeah) and a mug and pillow that had pictures of us on it. Handsome got me some VS lotion and perfume that I love, The Fault in Our Stars which I had been dying to read, and a Michael Kors purse that I've been wanting since May. He's too good to me!

Handsome got spoiled, too. His roommates got his Duck Dynasty seat covers for his truck.  I got him a new watch, wallet, ASU sweatshirt (gross) and some new shoes. He loved it all which is good because I was nervous that he'd hate it. I always do that when I buy him gifts- I second guess what I got and get nervous that he wont like them. But I know him pretty well, and it always ends up alright.

Anyway, we finished opening presents and made a big breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, a shit ton of bacon, and these heavenly biscuit things. Mmm! It was de-lish. Once we stuffed our faces, the boys played Call of Duty: Ghosts (his roommates present from his wife, Chelsea) and Chels and I got to work making dinner! We made so. much. food. Ham, hash brown casserole, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, homemade macaroni, stuffing, and peanut butter fudge. While drinking wine of course (we might've switched to margs at about 3). Dinner was ah-mazing and we were all in food comas for about an hour after we ate. We'll probably have leftovers for like a month...and I'm totally okay with that. I did eat way too much cheese though, and my stomach was not happy. It was so worth it.

Throughout the day I read The Fault in Our Stars and I finished it the same day (which never happens). It was so good! Have you read it? If you have, I'd love to talk about it! Now I'm reading a book Chelsea gave me, called Riptide by Catherine Coulter. I'm only about 100 pages in, but I'm hooked. I forgot how much I enjoy reading!

So basically, I had a great Christmas. I feel so blessed that I got to spend it with the love of my life and I can't wait to spend every Christmas with him for the rest of our lives! I'm one lucky girl :) 
How was your holiday? I can't wait to hear all about them!

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  1. I love the sweater you are wearing in the first picture!

  2. I just ordered The Fault In Our Stars with a gift card I got for Christmas! I can't wait to read it, I've heard a lot about it and everyone has said it's absolutely amazing!

  3. TFiOS is one of my favourite books! I love John Green and his ability to capture true human emotion. If you loved that, you should read Hate List by Jennifer Brown - it's unbelievable. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas with your love, Brianna!

  4. Bahahaha... Duck Dynasty seat covers. Now there's a face I wouldn't want to sit on. Eeeek! ;P

  5. I loved The Fault in our Stars. It's categorized as a YA book but I have been suggesting it to every adult I know (lol). I actually finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes last night. and WOW!! You must read it! If you loved The Fault in our Stars... I have no doubt that you will love Me Before You. Merry Christmas to Handsome and you!! :)

  6. Glad you had such a great Christmas! I was shocked that for once, I actually DID remember to take pictures... I always end up setting my camera down with my purse & completely forgetting it's there until I go to blog & am like oh shit, I have NO pictures! bahaha. But you guys are so cute together! Glad you had a merry Christmas :)

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  7. Love the ornament your mom sent! The pink glitter polkadots are adorable (:

  8. what? his roomies bought you presents? those are some nice roommates!

  9. What do you mean gross?! Go Devils! ;) ...Glad to hear you had a great holiday! Your ornament is precious!

  10. Hi dear,

    I like your pretty blog, I'll be back more often =)
    Do you want to follow each other on GFC and maybe social media?
    Let me know so I can follow you back.
    Kisses, Ana

  11. I totally failed at taking pictures too! Other than a few posed family photos, there are none :( The one you have of you two is so cute though!!!

  12. Yay! Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! Glad you got to be together for your first Christmas!

  13. I just finished "the Fault in Our Stars." It was my Christmas travel book en route to seeing my brother who has a son with medical challenges and who just returned from his Air Force deployment. What an intense book, especially as I thought about everything my nephew goes through. I love how genuine the author's characters are, not constructed as simply living out life cliches, but rather dealing with real emotions.