a recap of our week!

Well, it's been over a week since I've blogged. Oops. But we have been busy busy bees over here in Big Sky Country. Friday we began to move into our new place! We're very excited and each day it is starting to feel more like a home.
We're slowly but surely getting everything set up. We still have a lot of stuff we need to buy, but we're trying to just get the necessities first. We also have a ton of projects we want to start working on. We're planning on building a coffee table, end tables, and some shelves out of pallets! I'm really excited about that so I'll definitely be posting updates once we begin those projects.

Saturdays downtown they have a farmer's market. I didn't think it would be huge, but I wanted to head down there and get some fresh fruits and veggies to have in the house! But when we got there it was much bigger than I expected. There were so many vendors and so many cool things. But there wasn't too many fruit and veggie stands, which kind of bummed me out. We got indian fry bread though, and bought some applebutter. Which is delicious! I had an awesome time just walking around with my man enjoying the weather and the culture!
I don't really have much else. I promise I'll get back into the swing of things as soon as we're settled! 

What have you been up to?

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gettin' crafty

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if I didn't have you..

Hi guys. Look at me showing up two days in a row. I think I'm starting to get back into the swing of things 'round here. I can't say the same for next week because I'll be buried in boxes and busy unpacking our new place, but I can't say that I'm bummed about that. The boyfriend and I are pretty darn excited to get moved in there. I was thinking today that we're lucky DJ's work schedule worked out with our moving schedule. I honestly don't know what I would do if he had to work while we had to move in. I mean, there's no way I could move the couches and bed and all that big shiz into the new place without the help of those big strong man arms of his. And then I got to thinking even more....there are a lot of things I couldn't do without him. All of the mushy gushy I can't live without you stuff aside, life would definitely be much more difficult if I didn't have that man. Needless to say, I'm glad he's around, and I'm glad he's mine. This one's for you, love!
If I didn't have you, I would never have clean clothes because I refuse to go into the haunted basement alone, which is where the washing machine is.

If I didn't have you, I would probably be fat. This guy has been so good about working out and eating healthy guys, I'm so proud of him. And so of course he has motivated me to go too, and I'm starting to feel better and less...gross.

If I didn't have you, I wouldn't be able to open my water bottle when I take it out of the freezer! We don't have an ice cube tray, so I've been filling up my water bottle and sticking it in the freezer. Well, when I take it out it's impossible to open. Cue those big strong man arms, please.

If I didn't have you, I probably wouldn't have anything to blog about.

If I didn't have you, I would've never gotten that can open last night because I don't know how to use a can opener...oops.

If I didn't have you, I would've probably spent $500 at Target by now. Thanks for always making sure I don't go too crazy in there.

If I didn't have you, I wouldn't have listened to All of Me and that makes me sad because I really love that song.

If I didn't have you, I wouldn't be so motivated to do my schoolwork. Hearing you talk about school and our futures and how proud you are of me really motivates me and makes me want to do well.

If I didn't have you, I wouldn't know about all of the cool things you share with me that you read on Forbes.

If I didn't have you, I never would've found out that almond butter is way too expensive and not very tasty.

If I didn't have you, my heart wouldn't be half as happy as you make it.

If I didn't have you, I don't think I would ever know that it was possible to miss someone as much as I miss you when you're gone.

If I didn't have you, my life just wouldn't be the same. You make everything better. You provide for me, love me, take care of me. You help me, motivate me, and you inspire me. I admire everything about you and I can't imagine my life without you. I'm the luckiest girl.

Thanks for not thinking I'm crazy, I love you.
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oh, mondays

Happy Monday (if there is such a thing!) I'm up super early today because I had to take DJ to work this morning. I'm sad that he's gone but I'm going to be a busy girl this time because as soon as he gets home Thursday we'll be moving! I'm so excited for us to move into our new place and make it the perfect little home for us to start our life together in! I'll definitely post some pictures once we get there!

It has been a good week, I must say! DJ had to go to work last time a little longer than expected, so he wasn't home until Thursday. While he was gone I just hung out with some friends over here and ate pizza (oops.) Ready for this? I went to Subway when they got pizza so I wouldn't eat any because...cheese. So I ate my Subway and then there was extra pizza and cheesy bread left over. So I ate that too. And then I had two cupcakes. So there's that. I'll be busting my ass in the gym this week for sure!

DJ and I had a really nice break together. Friday we went to the cutest little cafe downtown and had a coffee date. I've been wanting to try it for awhile and I loved it. It was so cute and cozy and the coffee was super yummy. Oh, and they had macarons but we didn't get any because DJ refused to pay $2 for one macaron because in Europe they're cheaper. He's a hoot. And a macaron snob ;) After that we headed to the mall and looked at Bed Bath and Beyond for some things we want for the new house!
 Oh, and I made him take pictures with me while we were dressed cute because 99% of the time we're in pajamas and not cute enough to take pictures.
Saturday we finished a craft we've been working on. I'll probably do a whole post on that later this week, but we made a little board to go by our door. We wanted something we could hang our keys (and someday dog leash) on, and also something that we could hang pictures or prints from.
I didn't size that flag right and I have to redo it, but hey- not bad for a first try. We're excited to have something that we made together to hang up in our new place! We're also planning on building our own coffee table so you can expect a post on that when it happens, too!

Saturday night we went to dinner. We tried this place we've never been before and it was pretty darn good. I had alfredo so yay me for not being dairy free. Oh, and we had spinach artichoke dip. I could swim in that shit. After dinner we saw 22 Jump Street and that shit was funny too. DJ even liked it better than the first one! Which is crazy because he really liked the first one. Oh yeah, and after the movie we went to Cold Stone. Well, I went to Cold Stone. DJ stayed in the car so he wasn't tempted to get anything. But guess what?! I got dairy free ice cream, so...win.
So, that was our weekend! How was yours?

Also, this week, if you purchase a design you get TWO MONTHS of ad space for free! OR If you purchase two months of ad space, you get a third month free! Good deal, huh?

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you know you're addicted to starbucks when...

You go at least once a week, but usually three to four times.

You look forward to traveling because you know there's a Starbucks at the airport

You're on a first name basis with your barista

You have your order down and can ask for it without thinking

You know the difference between a frappuccino and a macchiato

You know how to spell frappuccino and macchiato

You know that you technically can't get a Frappuccino from anywhere else, because well, it's

You plan your day around a Starbs trip

Your boyfriend comments on the fact that you Instagram too many coffee pictures

You're a gold card member (since 2010)

You go as many times as possible to work up to those twelve stars

Having a free drink is an excuse to go- and an excuse to get something fancy

You say, "I really need to stop spending money on Starbucks" on a daily basis

Each time you reload that gold card is "going to be the last time....I promise!"

You've tried the cheaper alternatives, but you always end up back at the Starbs

When you find out your boyfriend is moving to the middle of nowhere Montana, your only solace is that there's a Starbucks down the street from his house

You head to campus / work / wherever 20 minutes early just to get Starbucks on the way

You're excited to go to sleep at night because the sooner you sleep, the sooner you get to wake up and get a soy chai

You consider entering your own giveaway just to keep that Starbucks gift card

You write a whole blog post about it and realize you have a problem.

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thank you notes

Happy Wednesday! DJ and I are enjoying his first day back. Man, I missed him. Nothing too exciting happening around here, so I thought I would go a little Jimmy Fallon on you and write out some thank you notes. Also, if you haven't already, be sure to enter the giveaway!

Thank you, Montana, for being 40 degrees cooler than Arizona right now.
Thank you, United States of Tara, for entertaining me for three days straight.
Thank you, summer school, for giving me something to do while DJ is at work.
Thank you, new blog design, for motivating me to write a couple posts.
Thank you, Pinterest, for feeding my wedding planning addiction.
Thank you, craigslist, for helping us find our dream apartment.
Thank you, Malmstrom, for letting me get on base without DJ so I can keep his truck while he's gone.
Thank you, Faster Basset, for the most amazing crepes / coffee and atmosphere in the entire city.
Thank you, Brantley Gilbert, for releasing a new album. If only it was already on Spotify..
Thank you, GroupMe, for providing me with entertainment all day long.
Thank you, Bed Bath and Beyond, for giving me somewhere to walk around and spend too much money.
Thank you, Hamilton Beach,  for making this amazing two-way brewer we're getting in our new place.
Thank you, Starbucks, for everything you do.
Thank you, lactose free milks, for allowing me to still eat cereal.
Thank you, every French Bulldog instagram account, for inspiring me and feeding my frenchie obsession.
Thank you, U of A, for allowing me to graduate a year and a half early.
Thank you, DJ, for being amazing and making this the best summer ever for the second year in a row.
Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for inspiring this blog post.
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who doesn't love free coffee?

 Happy Monday loves! I hope you all had a great weekend! I have some fun things to share with you guys but they'll have to wait for later in the week because today there's exciting shiz happening on the blog. What kind of exciting shiz you ask? Well, free coffee. It basically doesn't get any more exciting than that!

One of my lovely sponsors, Lauren from Lot 48, came to me and asked to do a giveaway. If you don't know Lauren, you're missing out, and I recommend that you head over there right now and meet her. You should read her proposal story because it makes my heart happy. But anyway, you can thank her and the other lovely ladies here today for the chance to win free coffee and ad space! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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i'm a lucky girl

People always say that you never know someone until you live with them. When I first headed to Germany, everyone warned me about this. At that point, DJ and I had only seen each other a few times when he was home that January. But as crazy as it sounds, we already knew each other better than anyone else. Needless to say, those two months in Germany went by with no problem. Living with him was so easy and fun. It's crazy to think that was a year ago!

Being here with him this summer is a little more like real life than it was in Germany. We're not in this magical place where everything is an adventure. We're not taking amazing vacations to Amsterdam. He works, I do homework, we grocery shop, work out, relax on the couch, cook dinner together, and even apartment hunt together. Being here is a little taste of what life is going to be like in December, and I'm loving any minute of it. Everyday life with this man is perfect. He takes care of me. I take care of him. We laugh together and cry together (while we're watching sad movies and shit). We motivate and support each other. We get excited together. We get excited about our future, and it's so fun.

I've mentioned before that we're moving. DJ's lease is up and so he had to find a new place. Well, we sure did find the perfect little place. It's a duplex with a backyard. It's right across the street from a cute little park. It's really everything we could've asked for. It's the perfect place for us to start our life together in December. I'll be sure to post pictures once we move in in a little over a week. And I'll also be sharing some crafts we've been working on to decorate!

I'm so excited to move in and start to turn the place into the perfect little home for us. I keep thinking about having barbecues in the backyard, picnics in the park, and getting Frankie and raising him in this place. (Frankie is my future French Bulldog). It's going to be the perfect way to start my life with the perfect man!

It's been an amazing summer so far, just relaxing and enjoying life with him. Living with him gets better every time, and even though I really miss him when he's gone for work, the time we get to spend together is beyond perfect. I'm so blessed that I get to spend the summer here with him. I'm so grateful that he takes care of me and that I get to spend three whole months with him. I'm so lucky that I get to wake up to him in the mornings and spend my days with him. I'm thankful that he's here for me when I need him. I never thought I could be so happy, and I never thought I could be so in love.

The only real problem is that he wont go to Dairy Queen with me every night. But I mean other than that, I'm happy. ;)

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my summer bucket list!

This summer is already going by way, way too fast. I've already been in Montana for three whole weeks and that right there is just crazy. Sometimes, like when DJ is at work, I'm glad it goes by fast. But I know the end of August is going to roll around way too soon and I'm not going to be ready to head back to that oven we call Arizona. There are way too many things I want to do this summer. I know there probably isn't enough time to get it all done, but hey, we can try. So today I'm linking up with Erin and sharing my summer bucket list! Some of them are more like goals than actual things to do, but yolo. 
Get settled into our new apartment. We're moving in in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to get everything set up and start making it feel like a home.

Do some crafty DIY's. We've been Pinteresting quite a bit trying to find some fun things to make for the new place. We're heading to some craft stores today to see what we can find!

Get in the holiday spirit. DJ has to leave for worth on the 4th of July, but I definitely want to get crafty for it. I'm thinking a cute pallete flag like the one here, or maybe a cute DIY wreath. And maybe some festive red, white, & blue treats, too!

Get in shape. We're really going to start focusing on eating healthy and working out. Wish us luck!

Do well in my classes. I did really well last semester, and I'm trying to keep that up!

Go fishing. I'm assuming there's a lot of good places to fish here, we just have to find them.

Go horseback riding. When you think Montana, that's what you think right? People riding around flat land on horses. So, we have to.

Go camping. Now that the entire state isn't covered in snow, it's perfect for camping.

Stay a weekend in another city. We're thinking probably Billings because there's a lot to do, but we really want to be able to spend a weekend in another part of Montana and do some shopping and a bunch of fun stuff.

Blog. I'm trying to get back into a routine here, and we're getting there slowly but surely.

Do another blog consultation. I had my first one the other day and it went great! You can check that out here.

Skype with my girls. Okay it's been like three weeks since I've seen Carissa and Kailey and we haven't Skyped yet...not okay.

Flathead lake / Glacier National Park. Have you ever seen this picture floating around Pinterest? The lake looks super shallow but its really hundreds of feet deep. Yes, that's in Montana, and yes, I need to go there.
Okay, I think that's enough to accomplish in one summer, right? Maybe as I think of things I'll come back and update this. And you'll definitely know when I cross something off the list!

What's on your bucket list this summer?
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i can't wait to make my dog an insta

Hi guys. Happy freaking Tuesday. DJ came home from work Sunday but had to head out again yesterday morning, so today he finally comes home and we get to spend time together. Except he gets off work at 6 am, he'll leave around 8, and so when he gets home he's gonna sleep forever. But still, I'm excited for him to come home. It's crazy that even when I'm here and he leaves for three days, I miss him so much. It's weird living in his house without him. I've been doing lots of homework and going to Target on the reg to keep myself busy. Sunday I tried a new bagel place and it was so yum. And cheap. A bagel and cream cheese is like $1.50. Too bad I cant eat cream cheese. Ugh.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. DJ has a PT test in the morning, but after that we're going to the cute crepe place that I talked about in this post. I'm really really excited because...crepes. Then after that we're meeting some guy to go look at a potential apartment. It's crunch time now because we want to move in within the next couple of weeks. I'm really hoping this one works out. If not, we have a backup option too, which is good. I almost might like our backup option better because they allow pets. And I want a puppy.

In December when I move to Montana, I have to get a French Bulldog. I have major Frenchie fever. Frankie the Frenchie. That's going to be his name and you can keep your eyes out for his own Instagram and some blog posts because I'm obsessed with him and I dont even have him yet. He's probably not even in existence yet. But I already have his collar picked out, so there's that.

I've been having bad sweet tooths...sweet teeth? "tooths" isn''t a word but I feel like it sounds better than sweet teeth. Anyway. DJ literally said, "How can you want something sweet every single night?!" To which I replied, "Dessert is the most important meal of the day." That's my motto, ya know? While DJ was at work I might have eaten an entire pan of brownies. Maybe.

I've been productive. I finished all of my assignments for my marketing class a week early and I feel a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. So nice. I'm also a few days ahead in my information systems class, so I don't have to worry about anything while DJ is home. Oh, and I also had my first blog consultation with Meghan yesterday. It went really well! I'm excited about this new step, and if you're interested in your own consultation, you can see the deets here!

I'm happy, guys. Really happy. I love being here with him. He makes my heart so happy. He's proud of me. He's supportive. He takes care of me. He loves me. I'm so lucky that I'm here and that I'm with him and that we still have the whole summer full of things to do together. I've never been so in love. I'm so thankful and grateful and it makes me so beyond excited to move here in just over six months. DJ put in his request for leave so he can come home at the beginning of December, see me graduate, spend the holidays with our families, and then drive back to Montana with me to start our lives together. Ah! I get so excited thinking about it.

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things around here. Sorry that I took a break this month from Ten Favorite Things, but hopefully we will be back next month!

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I admit, I'm a Netflix addict. Its no secret. When I have something important to do, I watch Netflix instead. It's natural. Anyway. I'm really good at binging on TV series. Like, really really good. So today I thought I would share with you my favorite series on that magical site. Oh and yes, I experienced these symptoms after every single one of these shows.

1. Prison Break
Okay, if watching Michael Schofield for hours on end isn't enough reason to watch it, it's actually a really good show.  Its about a guy who purposefully gets arrested and ends up in the same prison where his brother is on death row for a crime he didn't commit. This guy, Michael, is super smart and gets all of the details he needs to escape tattooed on his body. So he and his brother and some other guys try to break out of the prison and there's a bunch of love and drama and sexy men and it's just really good. You should watch it.

2. Scandal
I have a major lady boner for Olivia Pope, guys. It's bad. This show is intense and scandalous and has everything i love about TV shows. 

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