I admit, I'm a Netflix addict. Its no secret. When I have something important to do, I watch Netflix instead. It's natural. Anyway. I'm really good at binging on TV series. Like, really really good. So today I thought I would share with you my favorite series on that magical site. Oh and yes, I experienced these symptoms after every single one of these shows.

1. Prison Break
Okay, if watching Michael Schofield for hours on end isn't enough reason to watch it, it's actually a really good show.  Its about a guy who purposefully gets arrested and ends up in the same prison where his brother is on death row for a crime he didn't commit. This guy, Michael, is super smart and gets all of the details he needs to escape tattooed on his body. So he and his brother and some other guys try to break out of the prison and there's a bunch of love and drama and sexy men and it's just really good. You should watch it.

2. Scandal
I have a major lady boner for Olivia Pope, guys. It's bad. This show is intense and scandalous and has everything i love about TV shows. 

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