thank you notes

Happy Wednesday! DJ and I are enjoying his first day back. Man, I missed him. Nothing too exciting happening around here, so I thought I would go a little Jimmy Fallon on you and write out some thank you notes. Also, if you haven't already, be sure to enter the giveaway!

Thank you, Montana, for being 40 degrees cooler than Arizona right now.
Thank you, United States of Tara, for entertaining me for three days straight.
Thank you, summer school, for giving me something to do while DJ is at work.
Thank you, new blog design, for motivating me to write a couple posts.
Thank you, Pinterest, for feeding my wedding planning addiction.
Thank you, craigslist, for helping us find our dream apartment.
Thank you, Malmstrom, for letting me get on base without DJ so I can keep his truck while he's gone.
Thank you, Faster Basset, for the most amazing crepes / coffee and atmosphere in the entire city.
Thank you, Brantley Gilbert, for releasing a new album. If only it was already on Spotify..
Thank you, GroupMe, for providing me with entertainment all day long.
Thank you, Bed Bath and Beyond, for giving me somewhere to walk around and spend too much money.
Thank you, Hamilton Beach,  for making this amazing two-way brewer we're getting in our new place.
Thank you, Starbucks, for everything you do.
Thank you, lactose free milks, for allowing me to still eat cereal.
Thank you, every French Bulldog instagram account, for inspiring me and feeding my frenchie obsession.
Thank you, U of A, for allowing me to graduate a year and a half early.
Thank you, DJ, for being amazing and making this the best summer ever for the second year in a row.
Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for inspiring this blog post.
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  1. I didn't know of or watch United States of Tara when it was on, I only just recently watched it on Netflix. I love it! I'm so sad it got cancelled, I need to know what happened next!

  2. Thank you, Grilled Breezy for providing this blog post today for our viewing pleasure. I saw United States of Tara on the flix the other night but I opted for Scandal instead. Hopefully that's ok with you. GROUPME FOR THE WIN!!!

  3. I read this how Jimmy Fallon says it LOL

  4. Love this idea for a post! BTW, love your new design!

  5. I agree with Anne- I love this idea. And I am seriously digging the new blog design! It's so simple, yet refined!

  6. I am also thankful for Brantley Gilbert's new album. It hasn't left my CD player in almost a month:)