you know you're addicted to starbucks when...

You go at least once a week, but usually three to four times.

You look forward to traveling because you know there's a Starbucks at the airport

You're on a first name basis with your barista

You have your order down and can ask for it without thinking

You know the difference between a frappuccino and a macchiato

You know how to spell frappuccino and macchiato

You know that you technically can't get a Frappuccino from anywhere else, because well, it's

You plan your day around a Starbs trip

Your boyfriend comments on the fact that you Instagram too many coffee pictures

You're a gold card member (since 2010)

You go as many times as possible to work up to those twelve stars

Having a free drink is an excuse to go- and an excuse to get something fancy

You say, "I really need to stop spending money on Starbucks" on a daily basis

Each time you reload that gold card is "going to be the last time....I promise!"

You've tried the cheaper alternatives, but you always end up back at the Starbs

When you find out your boyfriend is moving to the middle of nowhere Montana, your only solace is that there's a Starbucks down the street from his house

You head to campus / work / wherever 20 minutes early just to get Starbucks on the way

You're excited to go to sleep at night because the sooner you sleep, the sooner you get to wake up and get a soy chai

You consider entering your own giveaway just to keep that Starbucks gift card

You write a whole blog post about it and realize you have a problem.

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  1. Umm..I'm currently sitting at Starbucks! lol There is one directly across the parking lot from my work which makes it oh so tempting!

  2. Yep to all of this. Did you hear they're offering charging stations and wine now?

  3. Starbucks is the best without a doubt.

  4. I miss Starbucks!

  5. Haha this is too funny! I absolutely love Starbucks, and this post makes me want to go get some.

    Have a good weekend!

  6. Also you stop by every Starbuck's in every major city to buy that city's mug & giftcard to add to your collection.

  7. hahaha I love Starbucks, I just cant afford to go as much as Id like!

  8. Yes yes yes to all of this! I could totally go for some Starbucks right now...

  9. Seriously, the best part is when there is a Groupon out for $5 worth $10, that you get every one you know to buy one so you can have multiple ! PS there is a Groupon out right now! Lol.

  10. I'm so addicted to starbucks that I had to actually change my starbucks order. It got to the point where I couldn't even finish my ($5!!!) coffee because I was drinking it so often.

    xo Marina
    Earth to Marina

  11. I have the same problem! You also know you have a problem when your students ask you if you had your Starbucks yet because I'm grouchy...

  12. You're insane hahaha

    PS I went to Dunkin' this morning...oops

  13. I'm pretty addicted and can agree with almost all of these on the list! I love Starbys and always refer to it as Starbys or *Bux or coffee because my friends all know what that means! :)

  14. ...you refer to the person who makes our coffee as a "barista." Stop being so fancy Breezy.

  15. My drink is a dirty chai with soy (iced)! When I have the free drink I get a Venti Double Dirty Chai with Soy (somewhere close to $8)

  16. I love posts like this! I was cracking up, and I'm not even a coffee or tea drinker. Thank you for linking up with Manic Mondays!

    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise

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