i really love arizona so much…..

Happy Friday! I seriously cannot believe that there's only one week left in February. I know I say that every month, but this one really flew by. Probably because its a short month. Or maybe because I've been so busy. But either way, its over and its almost March which means I get to see my handsome boyfriend soon! Yay!

Anyway, a new month means a new Ten Favorite Things! If you're not familiar with it, basically I choose a topic every month and you can come on by the first Monday of the month and share your ten favorite things about that topic!
So, Monday March 3 stop on by and share your ten favorite things about….drumroll please…..
the place you call 'home.' This one is open for interpretation. It can be your country, your state, city, or your actual home. '
Well, I'm from Arizona. I complain about it 99% of the time, but its really not all that bad.

the weather
It is hot as hell in Arizona in the summer. It literally sucks. And no, you never get used to it. But you can get a good tan all year long, and while everyone's stuck in five feet of snow during the winter I can wear shorts and a tank top.

I live six hours from the beach, two hours from snow in the winter, and just a few hours away from a Mexican vacation. So its really not that bad.

There are some really pretty places to hike around here. And when I say pretty, I mean not really that pretty at all but its still fun to hike.

it's big
I'm from Phoenix and there's like 5 million people and like 10 suburbs so there's a lot of fun stuff to do and lots of places to go. Oh, and lots of good concerts come here too.

you don't have to pay for heat in the winter
I'm grasping at straws here- I can't think of anything better

when you have to choose your state from a drop down menu, it's right there
It's really so convenient.

the sunsets
They're so very pretty!
good food
We have the best Mexican food and we have In-N-Out, so what more do you need?

We have three major universities, and we have pro hockey, football, basketball, and baseball. That makes for some good sports! Oh, and the Superbowl is going to be here next year!

if California magically breaks away, we'll be on the beach.

Obviously, I really don't like it here because I couldn't even come up with ten legitimate things that I like about it. But I thought it would be a good topic, so come share your ten favorite things about the place you call home so I can get some suggestions on places to move ;)
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  1. Having warm weather year round sounds amazing to me!

  2. I LOVE this one!! Cause I love me some Arizona!!!

  3. I spent a summer in Arizona and I liked the warm weather but I couldn't take it year round. It is pretty and lots to do there though.

  4. I love this topic! Better than I could have guessed. Can't wait to link up.

  5. hahahahah i hope we (california) don't break away!!!!

  6. Interesting topic... I love that it's not holiday related lol. I have been to AZ once, and honestly, I did like it. Maybe I should come visit. :)

  7. I like this topic, can't wait to write about my life on the east coast!!

  8. Bahahaha... I love that you put it being at the top of the drop down menu for states!

  9. Haha, my friend lives in Arizona and complains about it every.single.day.
    I'll be back for the link-up, it sounds like fun!

  10. Stargirl has been one of my favourite books forever and as a result I've always wanted to visit Arizona! Mostly to see cactuses (cacti? I'm never sure on that one) "in the wild" and witness a desert sunset!

  11. What apps are you using to put your fonts on graphics? I can't believe how this month flew by either!! I always thought our Pensacola Beach sunsets were the best but after seeing a photo of yours, I'm not so sure anymore-- how gorgeous!

  12. Oh the heat! Not looking forward to it again. This beginning part of the year is going by too fast! Amen on those drop down boxes!!

  13. Love! These are like the exact reasons I love California/LA! except its probably not as hot here! I love having authentic Mexican food. I know some people are missing out! Love the pictures. Beautiful!

  14. The scenery looks beautiful and right now as I sit in single digit temps, your weather sounds like a dream! Thanks for a great link up!