♫ baby you can crash my party anytime ♫

It's official! My pre-order of Luke Bryan's new album, Crash My Party, just downloaded! I'm so excited- I've been waiting for this! Can you tell I'm a little obsessed? I had a poster in my dorm, I own every CD and a Luke Bryan key chain, and I there's a chance that I might pay $25 a year to be in his fan club, The Nuthouse. Sorry, I can't help it! Anyway, back to business! His new album was released and I couldn't be more excited! I always over-play songs until I get tired of them, and I'm due for some new music!

Here's the song list:

1. ‘That’s My Kind Of Night’
2. ‘Beer In The Headlights’

3. ‘Crash My Party’
4. ‘Roller Coaster’
5. ‘We Run This Town’
6. ‘Drink a Beer’
7. ‘I See You’
8. ‘Goodbye Girl’
9. ‘Play It Again’
10. ‘Blood Brothers’
11. ‘Out Like That’
12. ‘Shut It Down’
13. ‘Dirt Road Diary’

Right now I'm stuck on "That's My Kind of Night". I keep playing it over and over (danger!) But they're all so good. I just had to post about it because I'm so excited and I hope you listen and enjoy it as much as I do!

With endless love,

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