my long distance fairy tale ♥

This is something I'll post about quite often for two reasons: a lot of people can relate to it and because it is my life. I currently live almost 6,000 miles away from the single most important person in my life. He is my best friend, the love of my life, the sweetest man in the whole world, and the man I'm undoubtedly going to spend the rest of my life with! My boyfriend, Dj, is stationed in Germany right now, and as hard as the long distance thing is, we're pretty good at it. We met when we were young- like so young that your parents choose who you hang out with haha! Our moms have been close for a very long time, and we used to play together all the time. I have a bunch of pictures of us at my birthday parties! Its cute :)
Anyway, we lost contact as we grew up, and then reconnected through Facebook. He was already living in Germany at the time, so right from the start we were doing the distance thing. From the first time we talked, I knew he was a special guy. I never really thought that pressing the "Add" button on his Facebook page would lead to my happily ever after! He came home about two months after we started talking. From that first day, we had pretty much talked (Skype, texting, on the phone) all day every day. I already felt like we knew each other so well before we were even together. We had told each other things that no one else knew- and we knew pretty much everything about each other.
He came home, and everything I felt for him was solidified. We got to spend a couple days a week together when he would come visit me at school. It was magical. He was just as perfect as I imagined. A true gentleman! He holds doors for me. He opens the car door for me every time! He calls me "pretty girl" (which I love!). He tells me I'm beautiful every day. He says the sweetest things. And he's just so damn sexy! :)
He only got to stay for a month before heading back to Germany. That was in February. He wasn't due to come home again until August. When we said goodbye, we thought that we weren't going to see each other again for six months. It was a tough goodbye as he dropped me off at the airport so I could head back to school. He later told me that was the moment he knew he was in love with me! ♥ I knew it too. I knew that he made me feel like I had never felt before, and I was head over heels in love with this man! I knew that I was absolutely the luckiest girl in the world.
The next few months were hard. Of course, he did everything he could to make it easier on me. I got a lovely package from him with Belgian chocolate and all of my favorite goodies. I told him I wanted to get a puppy and he sent me a huge stuffed dog!

The T-Shirt says "I love you THIS much!" Isn't that sweet?! You should've seen me try to carry the box to my third-floor dorm room! (excuse my messy bed)
I tried to keep busy and I made sure I could hear his voice often, which helped with not being able to see him. I'll do a post soon on ways to make a LDR work. But I knew that our love could withstand the distance no matter what!
I'm truly blessed. I got the opportunity to go visit him. Instead of waiting out the six months apart, I was able to visit him in Germany after only three. Read all about my trip here! It was truly the most amazing summer of my life. We got to spend more time together than ever, and it couldn't have been more perfect. Living with him was everything I could've asked for and more (just like him!) :) Leaving Germany was heart breaking. We sat in the airport for 45 minutes crying before I worked up the courage to walk away!
Now were back to the same routine- texting, Skyping, talking on the phone. I just got off of Skype with him tonight, and it still amazes me that we can sit and talk for hours and hours- about absolutely nothing- and every single time we hang up I have a huge smile on my face and I feel like the luckiest girl ever. Just seeing his smile makes my heart melt! I love that man!
He's supposed to come back to the states in about a month (thank goodness!) and then he'll be a little closer to home. Once I graduate I finally get to move in with him and start my forever with the love of my life!
We talk about our future all the time, and it's really all I think about. I can't wait to live with him and marry him. I just want a simple life. I want to come home from work every day and share stories about our day, have dinner together, cuddle by the fire place, watch TV, and just enjoy each other's company. I want to share everything with him. I want everything to be ours. Our home. Our family. Our life. It's so close, and I can't imagine loving him any more than I do, but my love for him grows every day!
This song is perfect for the way I feel about him!
It amazes me. I'm so lucky. I'm experiencing a love that every girl deserves. This is my fairy tale. He's my Prince Charming and I'm his Princess. Now we just have to wait for our happily ever after!
I absolutely adore everything about him! Can you tell?! :) I could go on about him all day!

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  1. Umm this is so sweet and made me tear up. I know about long distance love. I think it makes it easier when you've known the person for so long much like my story. :)

    1. Aw you're so sweet! Thank you! It's definitely hard but we make it work!

  2. New follower here :) I know very much how long distance love feels like husband was in South Korea at some point and it felt like forever. I was able to stay in South Korea for three months with him but when it was times for me to come back to the states it was one of the hardest goodbyes. Now we have a deployment coming up in three weeks and this one is harder due to the fact that we now have an 8 week old son. but love conquers all! :)


    1. Hi! Thanks for following :) Wow that's tough. Well good luck to you guys and I hope his deployment goes smoothly and he stays safe :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful story! I feel that love that is true overcomes all obstacles. Keep on loving

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  5. Awww! I know long-distance is tough, but it's definitely worth it! I was long-distance with my husband till we got married.

  6. I started my relationship with what I thought was "long distance" - we lived an hour away from each other so it's nothing like your situation but I can relate to a point.
    Thank goodness for Skype hey.

  7. Awwww! So sweet! I'm all teary eyed now but I love hearing a good fairytale so thank you for a great post!

  8. Just read this from your new post. SUCH A CUTE STORY. Wishing you all the best and a happily ever after girlfriend ;)