what we've been up to (again)

I know that all of my posts lately have been about what we've been up to, so sorry. But I'm not that sorry. Right now I'm taking a break from most things blog-related, but I still want to use this space as a way to document the things we're doing because I know I'll love looking back on these posts and reliving these memories.

DJ had to work on my birthday (boo) but I'm thankful for Jordyn being there to spend time with me. If you guys haven't checked out her blog, you need to. She's such a sweet girl with a big heart and she's so much fun! And she has the cutest little family, so go say hi! Anyway, Jordyn took me downtown for my birthday and it was so fun! DJ and I have driven downtown and gone to our favorite coffee shop down there, but that's it. Jordyn showed me so many cute shops and I even got some cute stuff for our in-progress gallery wall! We also found a Before I Die wall which I love. My art class at UofA last year built one on campus, and they're all over the world, so I was very excited to find one in Great Falls!
I'm obsessed with this antique store find. It's an old oven door that is now a chalkboard and it fits perfectly on a wall in our dining area!

The other day DJ and I went to Ryan Dam. We've seen the dam in the middle of Great Falls, but we didn't know that there was another one just outside of the city. I really wish we had found it sooner because wow, it was beautiful! When you get there you cross a bridge. Its just hanging over the water and can only hold 6 people at a time. It was swaying everywhere and was so sketchy and I thought I might die, but I loved it. It was such a cool spot to just take in the beauty of the river.
Once we got on the little island, there was a little park. I can't wait to go back for a picnic someday soon! Then you walked up some stairs to the viewing area for the dam. It was breathtaking!
We're good at taking selfies.

Yesterday we decided to go to the lake. We saw that there were some thunderstorm warnings, but we're smarter than all of those weather apps so we went anyway. On the way there I even said, "Well at least it doesn't look like it's going to storm!" We packed lunches and our inner tubes and headed to the lake with the hopes of floating around in the water and getting our tan on. As soon as we got there, we knew that wasn't going to happen. It was so cold outside and the water was freezing. There was thunder and lightning all around us. But all we could do was laugh. Things didn't go the way we planned, but we made the best of it and honestly, I think we had more fun than we would've if it was the perfect sunny day we imagined. We ended up just having a picnic by the lake and heading home. It was truly a beautiful day though, and I love that when things don't go as planned we can just go with it and make the best of it. He's such a good sport and I know that he would do anything to make me happy and I just feel so blessed and so lucky. It was a perfect day with the perfect man and I can't wait until we can start our lives together in just a few months!!
Oh, and on the way home our inner tubes almost flew out of the truck so I had to get out on the side of the highway in the rain and 20 mph winds to deflate them and get them back in the truck. So basically it was a fun day and I'm sad I didn't get a picture of that part.

So, that's what we've been up to! I leave a week from today and I'm sad about it. But this is our last goodbye and I keep telling myself that! Four months from now I will get to see his smiling face at the airport and know that we'll never have to spend months apart ever again! I can't wait for him to see me graduate and I can't wait to spend the holidays with our families together!
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  1. Love this and you! So glad I got to spend your birthday with you!

  2. I love those Before I Die walls! There was one in our local ice creamery and the answers were so funny! Someone wanted to be locked inside the grocery store for a night...? Each to their own I guess!

  3. It looks seriously beautiful there! I love the "Before I Die" wall! I've never seen one before but now I'll definitely be looking for them. Enjoy the rest of your time there!

  4. I went to the Before I Die wall in Kentucky- I had no idea there were more out there!

  5. Ah I love Ryan Dam! That's where I got married. Glad you are making the most of your time in MT!

  6. I'm excited to visit Montana. With you in in of course. And look at you making friends. I'm so proud.

  7. You are so adorable, and your photos are great!