I'm still alive, I promise.

YOU GUYS! What has been up with me lately? It's been over two weeks since I've blogged. I can't say I feel bad about that because, well, I don't. But I wish I had a little more motivation. DJ is out at work and boredom has convinced me to head over here and update you guys a little so you know I'm still alive...

My birthday is in less than three weeks and that's crazy to me because I've been counting down since like...February. I'm excited and bummed at the same time. Excited because it's my birthday...duh. And I'll officially be in my 20's (finally). But, DJ will be gone at work and I leave exactly two weeks after my birthday. Which doesn't make sense. Like, how is it so close already? This summer seriously flew by way. too. fast.

There is one good thing about me leaving though. Besides the fact that I'll get to see Carlin, Carissa, and Kailey when I get home, that is. What could be good about another long and tough airport goodbye? Well, it's our LAST ONE! After we say goodbye at the end of August, we'll never have to again. DJ will head home around December and then we'll finally drive back together and start our life. Goodbye long distance relationship, can't say I'll miss you.

We've been doing fun things around here. We took a trip to Helena the other day. It didn't have as much to do as we thought, but it was still fun to explore another city. We walked around downtown, had lunch, visited the prettiest cathedral, and went to the state capitol building. Oh, and the drive there....holy shit. It was honestly so beautiful. I envy the people that have homes along the Missouri River. So beautiful. Oh, and we went to the "mall" in Helena. People warned us about it, but we wanted to check it out. I figured it couldn't be worse than the mall here in Great Falls, but oh was I wrong. We entered the mall through JC Penny. When we looked to the exit to the rest of the mall, it literally looked like a horror movie. The lights were dim, there was no one walking around, and there were NO other stores in sight. WHAT! Maybe I'm a mall snob because we have so many good ones in Phoenix, but still. This was pathetic!
Okay but really, look at that sass.

We've been working on our new place more and more. We're almost done with our picture collage in the living room, so I'm excited about that and I'll post pictures once we finish! I'm really loving our house and I'm glad it's the place we get to start our lives together!
These horses are right next door to us! Like, I was standing in our yard when I took this! It's pretty cool. I was afraid to get too close though...yolo.
I made this pallet flag last time DJ was gone. I've been gettin' my craft on! Oh, and scrabble coasters, too!

So, that's what I've been up to. I'm loving being here with him. It's honestly perfect and it makes me SO excited to move here!

Also, I'm taking a break from my Passionfruit subscription. But, if you're interested in a design or advertising, please email me!

I missed you guys, really. What have you been up to?
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  1. I have an idea: you could name your Frenchie Helena :) . Good job on the coasters, although I feel like maybe I deserve a shout out or something for helping you come up with words for that shit. COME BACK TO ARIZONA PUH-LEASE

  2. look at you being all crafty! I love it! I wanna make scrabble coasters!!!

  3. Wait wait wait, it's all so pretty!!!? I want to go there, like for reaaaalzzzz. I love your craftiness and I'm jealous the horses are right there next to you. Please show us your house already THANKS

  4. Love your scrabble coasters and flag pallet! Consider me a new follower.