things I really suck at

Guys. DJ has been at work the past four days and I've been going a little crazy. He comes home today thank goodness because I've been so bored that I am now seven days ahead of schedule for my first summer class. Like I've been so bored that I did seven days of work in two days. Who am I!? But anyway, in the midst of my boredom, I thought, "Hmm. Maybe I should blog." Look at me coming up with these good ideas. So here I am. Blogging. Except I don't have anything to blog about. Except myself...because I love talking about myself. Yolo. So I present to you....
Making decisions. Have you seen that vine about asking a girl where she wants to go for dinner? Yeah, that's literally me. I don't know why I cannot make a decision to save my life. It's actually really bad and something I need to work on.

Instagram captions. Okay, so. I'm really bad at coming up with clever Instagram captions so I usually just put one word describing the picture. They're lame and my friends make fun of me for it. But its the picture that counts, right?
Reading blogs. I barely have the time and motivation to focus on my own blog, so I've been slacking even more in reading others. Sorry.

Typing. Thank God for spell check and auto correct because I can't type to save my life.

Accepting compliments. I just get awkward when someone compliments me. I've gotten used to it from DJ. But at first when he would tell me I'm beautiful or something I'd just get really nervous and say "no you are!" or something dumb. 

Parking. I took DJ's truck to the store the other day and I hard to re-park like 6 times. Oops. 

Eating healthy. I'm on poptart #3 as I'm writing this.

Finishing things / sticking to things. I've already almost given up on this post like ten times. Frankly, I'm surprised my blog has lasted this long because I get bored of things really fast and usually move on to the next thing within a few weeks.

Watching movies. I get bored really easily so whenever we watch movies at home I just talk a lot and don't really pay attention. Unless its Bridesmaids. Then I quote the whole thing.

Whispering. Can't do it. I'm a loud whisperer.

Growing out my nails. I'm bad about biting them, but before I came to Montana they were really long. I was so proud of them because my nails are literally never long. But then at the airport I accidentally cracked one and then they all went to shit.

Packing light. I literally can't do it. The weight limit was 40 pounds for my suitcase and mine was 39.5. Plus I brought a  carry-on suitcase that I'm pretty sure was bigger than it was supposed to be. When I went to Germany I had two 40 pound suitcases.

Yay for long lists of things I can't do. DJ and I have some exciting things planned this weekend so I'll be back to update you on those soon! What are some things you just really suck at?
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  1. I always get bored while watching movies as well. And deciding where I want to go for dinner is never an easy decision for me!

  2. haha i am awful at decisions too and it frustrates boyfriend to no end!

  3. I am completely awful at making decisions! It's ridiculous how indecisive I am. And the idea of my eating healthy is ridiculous...you don't even want to know how many poptarts I eat each week...

  4. I'm so indecisive when it comes to making decisions! Going for dinner with me tends to turn into a headache unless you already have decided where we are going. Oh, and it would help it I've been to the restaurant before orrrrr I'll spend about 15 minutes stressing over the menu.

  5. hahaha teriyaki hickey!! I suck at eating healthy too. Overrated!

  6. How in the world do you pack for the whole summer in under 40lbs?!?

  7. Hahaha! I suck at accepting compliments too! You're not alone on that.

  8. Does packing light even exist!?! I don't know what that means because I always overpack. I just think of all of the scenarios that could happen and what outfit I would need.

  9. I'm a loud whispers and I suck at accepting compliments too! They can just be so awkward, and you never how to reply to the person. Haha.

  10. I also used to be bad at accepting compliments. I didn't know how bad I was until someone pointed it out...Now I just try to smile and say thanks.

  11. No woman is good at packing light. It's whatevs. But you're perfect even though you just wrote about things you're bad at.

  12. Um, it's scary how many of these I suck at too!! I am seriously the most indecisive, worst parker and compliment accepting person you'll ever meet!