In-N-Out changed my life

Hey loves! I have Haley here, from the Business of Blonde, who I actually know in real life! We used to work together at In-N-Out, and today she's sharing how it changed her life! Enjoy!

In 2011 I was preparing to graduate from high school in Arizona, and was  desperately looking for a decent job.  One morning, during dance rehearsal, I heard some of the girls talking about applying for in-n-out and how excited they were about the interviews. I wasn’t an in-n-out fanatic and I wasn’t so keen on working fast food, but I needed a job and they were starting at $10 an hour pay so I decided to hop on the bandwagon and apply.

The Application process was pretty simple, and done completely online. Within the week I had an interview with the managers and was offered the job. FUN FACT Brianna and I were hired on the same date! If you’re not familiar with in-n-out they only hire super up-beat friendly people, so you basically become instant friends with all your coworkers.

There was one guy who immediately stuck out to me named Nick. He was two years older than me, he was always joking with people and didn’t mind if he was the butt of the joke. We talked a little at work and realized we had a few friends in common. After working together for about five months he started a Facebook message with me late one July night. Our Convo when a little something like this:

Nick: Why are you awake so late?
Haley: It’s only 1am and It’s summer?
Nick: Oh, haha I forgot I’m in Idaho and It’s later here
Haley: So maybe I should be the one interrogating you about your sleep habits?

This banter went on for two months, no phone numbers were given just a single message that I was obsessed with. I would constantly check my phone for his message. We would stay up messaging till 3 or 4 in the morning. (later we both admitted we just thought the other person was staying up.)  Eventually messaging turned into texting, and phone calls and finally we planned to meet outside of work. 
We met for the first time at Starbucks and I was amazed at how easy it was to talk with each other. A week or so after our first Starbuck date Nick got down on one knee with a plastic ring and asked me to be his girlfriend.  Officially we started dating around the beginning of October, by Thanksgiving we knew we were going to be together forever and had already picked out an engagement ring.
December 5th 2011 Nick proposed in his home with 300 tea light candles. Being 18 and engaged isn’t exactly what my family had planned for me, so there was some serious hesitation on both our families’ sides. We decided even though we were engaged we would wait a while to actually start planning a wedding. Throughout our two-year engagement I spend six months in Florida working for Disney and Nick spend a few months in Indiana for school.
On November 30th 2013 it all came together, I married Nicholas Kennedy, and I owe it all to In-n-out.

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  1. Ok the weddin picture at In N Out is TOO cute!! Wait, Brianna you worked at In N Out??

  2. I am trying to get my guy to agree with an In-n-Out catering truck for our wedding...maybe we'll just head on over to the store. What a great story!

  3. What a cute story! The picture at the end is a nice tribute. :)