what I learned this week

I could not be any happier that today is Friday. Who's with me? All of my tests are over with, and I'm stress free! I'm headed off to meet some lovely bloggers today, and it's my first blate ever so you can bet there will be a post about that on Monday ;) I'm meeting up with Mo and Emily, and I know it'll be an amazing start to my weekend! Anyway, it was a long and pretty eventful week around here, so I thought today I would share with you some things that I learned this week.
I need to start saying no.
I have a problem with saying no. When a friend asks me to hang out and I don't want to, I immediately get awkward and try to find some excuse. When someone asks me for a favor, I do it. I know there are a lot of people out there trying to say yes more, but honestly I think I say yes too much. Not that there's anything wrong with wanted to be more optimistic and open, but I definitely let people take advantage of me because I say yes too much. I realized that when something happened this week, which I don't want to get into much detail about because it involves another blogger, but basically I felt bad saying no, and I ended up doing way more than I should have for this person without charging them like I should have. holy run-on sentence. I've always been this way. I would rather suck it up and do a little extra for someone than tell them no. Saying no is awkward and uncomfortable and I don't want to be rude. Sure, doing things for others is kind. I like to think that I'm a good person, and I definitely enjoy helping others. But at what point does this become too much? When I begin to sacrifice my happiness (and in cases like the other day- my sanity) for others, is it worth it?

I don't give myself enough credit.
I've been talking a lot lately about the fact that I'm graduating in December- three semesters early. However, I've been focusing on the fact that some people are reacting negatively, when really I should be proud of myself. Why should I care what others think? I'm getting a four year degree in two and a half years, I have a job, I'm doing well in all of my classes, and I just got an internship for the summer. I'm in a really great relationship, I'm living on my own and supporting myself, and I have a successful blog. In spite of all of that, sometimes I don't give myself enough credit. I feel like I could be doing more, or I could be doing better. But really, I should be proud of myself and I learned that this week.

Going for a run with a headache + runny nose is a bad decision.
That just happened about ten minutes ago and my head hurts so bad I can barely see these words as I type. I hadn't been to the gym since I got sick a week ago, so I knew I had to go, but I only feel ten times worse now. UGH.

I don't have to feel bad for not posting.
Awhile ago, I made it a goal to post five days a week. That was two months ago, and I have posted Monday-Friday since then. Except for yesterday. It was such a stressful week for me with school and I just couldn't think of anything / didn't have the motivation to write a post on Wednesday night, and I felt guilty about it. But really, it was sort of nice yesterday not having a post to worry about promoting, and I realized that skipping a day isn't the worst thing in the world.

I have the best boyfriend in the world.
Okay, I didn't just learn that this week, but I was definitely reminded of it. You all knew Wednesday was DJ's birthday, right? Well, Wednesday morning I was laying in bed and I got a call from the woman who works in the office at my apartment complex. When I answered, she said, "Brianna, someone loves you." I was confused and on the verge of saying, "I love you too?" when she told me to come into the office. As soon as I walked in I saw these beautiful flowers with an I love you balloon attached and I almost shit my pants. My boyfriend sent me flowers on his birthday. He's crazy! And I love him and I'm so freaking lucky to have him.
Just because I'm excited about something doesn't mean I have to do it right now.
I do that a lot, and honestly I think of it as a flaw. When I have an idea, I get so passionate about it that I want it to happen right then and there. Like when I wanted to re-open my Etsy shop, I went to the store and dropped a good amount of money that day to buy some supplies. The problem is, I was over it in like two days and didn't want to do it anymore. I've mentioned before that I'm applying to graduate school. Ideally, I will start in January. I don't want to take a semester off because I know I'll get used to not being in school and I won't want to go back. I was planning on applying early decision in June, because like I said, I get excited and want to do everything right away. But applying in June means taking my GMAT, getting my letters of recommendation, and finishing my application + dropping over $300 for all of that very very soon. This week I realized that I need to slow down and take a step back. I can apply in November for the same semester. The only difference is that I won't find out right away. But it gives me more time to save, study, and plan. I had been stressing out about it so much, and I now feel such a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders knowing that I have a few extra months to get everything sorted out. I'm still just as excited about applying, but I realized that it will benefit me to wait.

Netflix is the enemy.
I started watching Scandal like yesterday and I'm now almost done with the second season. I really need to stop watching new shows because I get hooked so fast and then I never want to leave my bed. Also we made brownies yesterday so brownies + netflix= major fat girl status for days.

What did you learn this week?
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  1. Ahh thats so sweet of him to send you those pretty flowers! Giving yourself enough credit is not something I am good at either but something that is important that we should do!

  2. Oh my goodness. So many things to say! I have always always had a problem with saying no. I can never just say "No, I don't want to" I have to give a reason and a lot of times that reason is made up because I feel so bad saying no. When I want something, I want it NOW and I've realized that a lot of times, it would have been better had I just waited. I'm so impatient though and like you said, THE EXCITEMENT! I think we need to learn to just take our time. We're so young and we have our whole lives ahead of us. (seriously how old am I to use that saying?). And learning to give yourself credit is a huge thing too. Because not all the time will you find someone who is going to give you recognition and say "hey, good job!" in an ideal world, yes. But in this world, unfortunately not. You have to make yourself feel good about the things you did! I struggle with this too.

    Anywhooo, have so much fun this weekend with Mo & Emily! Can't wait for next week, weeeeeeeeeee!

    1. look how good of a friend i was before we were even friends.

  3. Learning to say 'no' is a hard lesson! It's never fun to be walked on because people understand your willingness to help in any situation. It's totally okay if you don't want to do or aren't up for something! Your flowers are beautiful! Have wonderful weekend.

  4. I started watching scandal and I didn't get to finish it now I am all over Once upon a time which is good too but i have to get back on scandal. Also you are not super woman, you need time to relax and enjoy time for yourself, so if you have to say no, say it! No one will hate you :) and if you need a rest from blogging do it as well, i did and i came back feeling better.

  5. "I don't have to feel bad for not posting." Yep! The world won't stop turning if you miss a day. Gotta give yourself some breathing room sometimes!

  6. Never stop watching Scandal- it just keeps getting crazier!

  7. saying no is seriously one of the hardest things to do - and why???? I've yet to figure that out. haha. Anyways, this was a cool post - I liked it! Especially for the first one coming across on your page - I'm Whitney and I just found your blog (from another blog but I'm not sure which one...lo) I'm excited to be following along now. Just call me friend number 300! ha. (or whitney....)

  8. Aww, that's sweet of your boyfriend! I am very guilty of getting overly excited about something and wanting to do it RIGHT AWAY. I need to learn to take it slow sometimes. I didn't know you had an etsy shop! What do you sell there? I've been wanting to start selling things but I wouldn't know what to sell.

  9. Love the post! And the flowers :) I've learned that not everything is going to go according to plan and I shouldn't be as miserable when they don't... big flaw of mine. Happy Monday!

  10. Holy cow, how sweet is your boyfriend?! So cute. Love this post-- everything about it is just so true! I'm also one of those people who tries to say "yes!" to everything but saying no can be so good sometimes. Good for you for realizing it!

  11. I'm so thrilled for you to graduate early. Think of all the money you're saving!
    And happy birthday to DJ!