ten favorite things! travel edition

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a good week- it went by so fast! 19 days until I head to the airport and board a plane to Great Falls! I'm beyond excited (if you couldn't tell by countdowns in each post). The first day I get there is always the best! I love traveling and I love seeing his smile for the first time again. So I know that'll be a good day. Speaking of traveling….

It's time to announce May's topic for Ten Favorite Things! I figure since I'm headed to Montana and summer is starting, this month's topic would be travel! So, grab the button, get your post ready, and come on back May 5 and link up your posts! Feel free to take this in any direction you want- your favorite things about traveling, your favorite places to travel- whatever floats your boat!

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My ten favorite things about travel:

one. The experience of actually traveling. Like waking up early, heading to the airport, getting Starbucks while waiting to board, people watching in the airport. I love everything about it. Maybe it's because doing all of that means I'll be headed to see handsome (usually) but I really really love the whole experience.

two. Seeing new places. I guess this one's pretty obvious. But there are so many places I want to see. All I've ever really been exposed to is either the beach or desert, so traveling to Europe was a huge deal for me. I saw things I never imagined I'd see. I toured castles, saw snow on the mountains in June, drove through the prettiest countrysides I've ever seen. It was amazing.

three. Experiencing new cultures. This isn't necessarily just for travel out of the country. Sure, I experienced a completely different culture in Germany and the other countries in Europe I visited, but this happens across the US as well. The way we do things in AZ, the people, the city- they're so different than what you'd find in somewhere like New York or Georgia. Even going to Montana the "culture" is so different. Its fascinating!

four. They have Heineken vending machines in the hotels in Amsterdam. If that's not a reason to travel, I don't know what it.
five. Traveling with someone you know is a whole new experience. Traveling to see handsome is fun. But traveling with him is the best thing ever. We got to tour Germany, Amsterdam, Belgium, and then we got to go to California together last year. Long drives, walking on the beach, finding new places to eat- I love it all!
six. The food! If you're traveling to Arizona, you get In-N-Out. If you're in Germany, you get some of the best chicken and waffles ever (not kidding if you're ever near Landstuhl, Shawingz is the shiznit.) If you're in Belgium, you get amazing waffles and chocolate.
seven. The stories! And the memories. I love love love looking back on my trip and reminiscing. It makes me so happy to think about all of the amazing experiences I had last summer and it makes me so excited about the places I can visit in the future.

eight. The anticipation. I mean the wait sucks, but having something to look forward to is always fun. I'm three weeks out from seeing my man and I keep rewriting my packing list, imagining what our hello will be like, and all that good stuff. Sometimes its tough waiting but really the anticipation is so fun!

nine. Luggage. Okay maybe this is just me, but I love having cute luggage. I got a really cute pink suitcase when I went to Germany but it got ruined on the plane. Not okay.

ten. Pictures! I love taking pictures but there isn't much to take pictures of around here. I love looking back on all of the pretty pictures I took on my trip!

What're your ten favorite things about traveling? 
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  1. I love every lit'l bit of this fun post, Brianna! Thanks for sharing!! xo

  2. Love all of these!! Travelling with your other half is always the best!! I'm looking forward to our trip to Europe this summer!

  3. Yay for another 10 Favorite things! I'll come back on May 5 for the link-up. Thanks!

  4. I feel like hopping on a plane for some of that strawberry waffle now...

  5. Love this! Traveling is my favorite!

  6. Let's just say, I couldn't be more excited for this link-up. And to travel the world. If you guys ever travel to the East Coast, Boyfriend and I love double dating and making friends.


  7. You really have me ready to hop on a plane. Like I have my hand on my suitcase, contemplating where to stash my kids. Haha! I love to travel and I cannot wait for summer vacation. I'm heading to Ohio to see my family. It's not Europe but I am happy to be leaving the state of North Carolina for a change of scenery.

  8. I'm so happy to have found your blog and this link-up! It's a great one :) also, Great Falls...Montana? My home state!

  9. Those waffles with chocolate sound amazing.