it's like I have friends or something

Well guys, I did it. I was social (woo hoo!). This weekend I drove home to Phoenix to visit my mom. So while I was there, I met up with some lovely ladies that I "met" here in blogland! We've had this planned for a couple of weeks, and I've really been looking forward to it! After my first blate was a success, I knew that this one would be just as fun. I met up with Mo, Carissa, Kailey, and Kayli this time, and let me tell you, these ladies are awesome! It was so fun to get together and talk about blogging, work, school, and of course we shared our love stories. :)
(why is my mouth open..)

Since this was my second blate, I was a lot less nervous. On the first one, I was so worried about what to wear and what to talk about and all of that "first date" nervousness that is blating. But this time, I was definitely more excited than nervous. Except I'm awkward so I thought everyone was going to hate me or something but I think it turned out alright. Also, I hate walking into restaurants and looking for people- it gives me anxiety. So when I walked up to the hostess and told her I was meeting some girls and she said "Okay, go look around!" I wanted to cry. But then I saw Kayli sitting all cute on the couch and I totally recognized her and then I felt better because I didn't look like a complete idiot. Ugh, I'm crazy, I know.

We met at a super cute restaurant in central Phoenix called The Yard. I've been there before and knew it would be perfect for the blate because it has such a fun atmosphere. BUT when I got there it was even better than I thought because they had a super cute lounge area with ping pong tables and couches and stuff, so it ended up being the perfect place for us to hang out!

After we sat around and chatted for a while, we had funny food. I got grilled cheese sliders (oops) and Carissa had a salad so we split them half and half. YUM. Seriously, if you're in Phoenix, go to The Yard. Once we ate and took pictures like good little bloggers, Kayli had to leave (boo) but Carissa, Kailey, Mo, and I went to the cutest little ice cream shop in all the land- Churn. The place is so cute, it has tons of novelties and the ice cream is homemade and delicious! So basically- with grilled cheese and ice cream, it was a bad day for my stomach. Yolo.

It was such a fun day and I'm so glad I made it down to meet them! Now they just have to get their butts to Tucson to visit! Like I said before, if you have the opportunity to meet local bloggers, you totally should. I've had nothing but great experiences meeting some awesome ladies, and I definitely recommend it! Also, if you're in AZ, let me know!

How was your weekend?
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  1. I dont like walking into places looking for people either. Its awks ... it just is... Glad your weekend turned out great though! Love the pics

  2. WOOOOOO! Wait I didn't even know the ice cream was homemade, just caffeinated. I'm so glad we met and yay games yay friends ♥

  3. If you're awkward then I'm awkward too. Or maybe I just like awkward, I dunno. Which might actually make me more awkward but whatevs. I seriously had so much fun on Friday!!!! I can't wait for our next get together!! Also, I hate doing the wandering around trying to find someone schtick too...which is why I totally waited out front for Kailey...LOL!! I know, in so lame...

    1. seriously i think awkwardness attract awkwardness, so we're all awkward. ew, thats an ugly word when you say (type) it a lot!

  4. This sounds like it was SO much fun, Brianna! I'd love to meet up with you while I'm still in AZ (and not freaking MASSIVELY pregnant) haha :)

  5. That's so awesome!!!! I swear there are no bloggers here in So Cal... Everyone is in the South or the East...

  6. I would love to go on blates! I went to a bloggers' brunch once, it was a lot of fun. Have a great week!

  7. Yay for blates! I pray that the day I get to go back and visit my family in America I want to set up a blate! It's always so exciting! I'm glad you enjoyed it and got to know these ladies better!

  8. I want Arizona blogger friends. *insert whining emoji face*

    Looks like a great time! Glad you girls had fun!