Going out takes a lot of work. Showering, spending an hour getting your hair and make up just right, and trying on a million outfits even though your make up (and maybe your clothes) will be off by the end of the night. Is it worth it? Maybe. But I'm so over it. Maybe it's fun to get dressed up and go out once and a while, but I don't understand how girls can handle it four nights a week, every week. Especially at my school, being under 21 there aren't a lot of options unless you want end up in the middle of a frat house with sweaty guys and slutty girls with no way to get home. No bueno my friends, no bueno. So, here are fifteen things I would rather do than go out.
girls night
I love this. Staying in, watching movie, Facebook stalking, and some moscato. Plus, you can wear your pajamas- no real clothes necessary.

netflix binge
Sorry not sorry but I'm a netflix binger. I could lay in bed all night and watch Scandal.

late night baking
cookie dough + not cooking it all the way + ice cream = pazookie > going out. 

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