a blating profile // meet Anne

Well ladies and gents, it's your lucky day and you probably didn't even know it. Why is it your lucky day you might ask? Well, I have someone very special to introduce you to! If you're looking for a new friend in the blogosphere, look no further because I have all of the info you'll need right here for one of the coolest ladies in all of Blogland. Today, I am introducing you to Anne from Love the Here and Now! She has an amazing blog where she shares the stories of her day to day life.

She's awesome, right? Well, if you want to stop by and meet Anne (which I can promise will be worth it) here's where you can stalk her:

 photo signaturep_zps80225a13.png


  1. Nice!! I would wanna have a blating profile too. Haha. Hopefully. :)
    Katherine @ Nested Thoughts

  2. This is adorable. This would be a super cute idea for a one time link-up. Just saying :)

    xoxo Jenny