shit my boyfriend says!

Happy Tuesday! Today I'm linking up with Amanda and Danae for one of my favorite link ups ever! Each month they host a "shit men say" linkup, where us ladies get a chance to share all of the weird shit our guys say. Well, my boyfriend just happens to say a lot of weird crap, so I had to participate!
Voyage of the Mee Mee
So, here's some of the funny stuff that DJ has said (at least the stuff I can remember)

Me: "If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change?"
DJ: "I wish I was taller so I could slam dunk!"
Are you five?! Thats the one thing he'd change…..cool.

Sometimes he throws Duck Dynasty quotes into his text messages...

And this one….why do I think its so funny that whenever he talks about that show being so sad?! Okay, I guess some of the families' stories are sad, but I still think its funny.
Yes babe, I know you don't like tomatoes. "Sweet tomatoes" are not a type of tomato. Its a restaurant….

I promise I'll collect some more good shit when I'm there this week! :) What's the funniest thing your guy has ever said?
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  1. My man despises tomatoes as well! How have a great time together next week!

  2. Honestly, though, sweet tomatoes sound like they'd be delicious :)

  3. I don't like tomatoes either and would totally have been equally confused :)

  4. Slam dunk! I like that.. I will have to ask Kyle the same question and get back to you. My guess is his answer will be along those same lines.
    PS. Your blog design is beautiful!

  5. I love the Duck Dynasty quotes!!! I've done that by mistake a few times...

  6. "Are you five?!" Bahahah! Yes! ALL men are eternally 5.

  7. It isn't just your man that is 5 all men are! I like to think that Josh's silly ways will keep me feeling young for the rest of our lives!

  8. Sweet Tomatoes is a cute restaurant name! Ps, my husband would probably respond the same way! LoL he also hates tomatoes.

  9. Haha,sigh.. men- they are almost as bad as kids!!

    - Rebekah

  10. haha sweet tomatoes that hilarious!

  11. Um. Sweet Tomatoes is amazing. I used to be obsessed with their sourdough bread. it's delicious.