i have two boyfriends

Yep, you read that right. I'm in a relationship with two people. You all know Handsome, and you know he's my world. But now I think it's time I introduce you to my other boyfriend, my roommate, Carlin.

Okay, she's obviously not actually my boyfriend, but lesbihonest here, she might as well be, and here's why:

we send each other flirty texts

and tweets. This is just one of the many because I couldn't go scrolling through 1,000 text messages to screenshot all of the flirty ones.

we make dinner together like every night
We plan our dinners around each other's schedules and we cook together almost every night. We made those quinoa stuffed peppers and we've been trying a lot of Pinteresty recipes.

we can't go more than an hour without seeing each other
It's bad. When we're at class all day were usually texting either about hanging out when we get home or about how much we miss each other

those are from her phone, she already had screen shots…typical

we both have hot boyfriends in the Air Force
Carlin recently started dating a guy SHE MET ON TINDER….but thats another story for another post. Anyway, he's in the Air Force and they're so cute and so perfect together and I'm obsessed with them. But its really awesome because it gives us something to bond over. It's nice having a friend who understands and is in the same situation as me (even though they see each other every day right now…..ugh jealous)

I third wheel with her and her real boyfriend like every day
I think I need like a life sized cutout of Dj or something so we can go on a "double date" because I third wheel way too much. But I love it and I don't want to share her so yolo
are they cute or what? PS this was me being a creeper.

we have cute nicknames for each other
We're the wind beneath each other's wings. Sometimes we sing to each other.

we support each other
When I need to go to the gym, she motivates me because she's so into working out. When I want In-N-Out, she goes with me. When she buys hot cheetos, I help her eat them. It's a great support system, you know?

It's funny, because when we first moved into our apartment in August, we barely talked. We didn't really know each other and I was a little afraid of her because sometimes she's a bitch. But not I love it and she's becoming one of my best friends. It's amazing how someone can become such a good friend so quickly, right?! Anyway, I'm trying to convince her to start a blog so stay tuned because you might see a little more of her around here ;)

Do you have a friendship like this? Tell me about your best friend!
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  1. This makes me miss my bff more. Can't believe people actually meet using Tinder. I might as well find a decent guy there. haha..


  2. Awh love this post! Y'all look like so much fun :) Definitely can't wait to hear that Tinder story.

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  3. I love this post! It's funny b/c I have a really good guy friend back in OKC. I call him my boyfriend, and my husband is my husband. Funny thing is that they are close too. So it's a big running joke.

  4. My best friend Karly and I are like this haha it's the greatest kind of friendship you can have :)

  5. My best friend Amy and I are a lot like this. We have been friends since 4th grade and still finish each other sentences. When she had her son, I become Daddy (number 2) and it was awesome. Having friends that make bad days, happy :)

  6. The buddy system for In-N-Out is always a good system =)

  7. EVERY girl needs a best friend like that! So cute.

  8. My best friend and I have been friends for 17 years and I am so glad to be in a relationship with her!

  9. I love how many times you said YOLO in this post. I approve.