apple cinnamon chex and spanish poetry

Thanks to everyone for linking up yesterday! I loved reading about the places you all call home. If you haven't shared your post yet, no worries- there's still time! I'm counting down the days until I can leave the desert and head up north to spend a few days with my hunk of a boyfriend for spring break! I mean its no Cabo, but I have a feeling it'll be the best spring break yet. I only get to spend a few days with him, but it'll be a very much needed few days. I miss him like crazy! But did you really come here to hear me talk about how much I miss my boyfriend? Probably not. But maybe because what else do I talk about, really? But on the realz, I wanted to share with you today some things I'm loving right now, and some things that I'm loving not so much.

// apple cinnamon chex cereal //
I love cereal. Like so much. But now that I'm gluten free it's hard to find good cereal that doesn't taste like plastic. You'd think that these cereal chefs would realize that I don't look forward to waking up in the morning to eat a bowl of tiny cardboard squares. BUT don't worry, because I found it.
How good does that look? It tastes just like cinnamon toast crunch but it doesn't have the gluten which means Brianna is one happy girl!

// accessories // 
I've never really been one for accessorizing. I love watches and I could wear one every day, and I also wear a small simple necklace, but other than that I don't wear much jewelry. Lately though, I've been eyeing some pieces that I'm really loving, and as soon as I get some extra money I'll definitely be taking a trip to the mall. Handsome and I already plan on going watch shopping when I get there, because we both have a little bit of a watch addiction..yolo.
It's funny, because I've never really been a gold person. I've always loved silver and rose gold, but not yellow gold. But it's really in right now and I'm clearly jumping on the golden bandwagon because literally everything on that wish list is gold so yolo.

// being healthy //
I've been trying really hard lately to be healthier. I'm trying to stick to my gluten and dairy free diet (which is for health reasons, not actual "dieting"). I'm working out regularly, and I've been eating healthier except for the occasional In-N-Out or Hot Cheetos binge. I'll probably be posting some more recipes soon, but if you haven't tried quinoa stuffed peppers, you're missing out. I've been making a lot of yummy salads and stir fry meals with lots of veggies and chicken. I definitely feel amazing!

// my "new" hair //
I was a mess the other day because I let my roommates dye my hair. I was going just a little darker, to a "soft black" color. You might've seen my twitter freak out….

And that was only about half of it. Needless to say, I was being a little over dramatic..typical. But it really does look good, and I definitely missed having dark hair.

That's the only picture I have so far so excuse my major white girl insta picture.

// spanish poetry //
I know, that sounds weird. But I'm in my last Spanish class ever this semester and we're analyzing poetry. Like seriously?! Poetry is hard enough to decipher in English. I literally want to gauge my eyes out every time I'm sitting in that class. Ugh.

// the weather //
Okay, I lied. The weather is perfect right now. I've been wearing shorts every day and I love it. BUT, yesterday was the first day I was actually going to go out and tan (yes, people in Arizona can tan all year long.) And of course, what happens? We have a thunderstorm. Thanks Arizona, I love you so much.

// the fact that AZ is actually growing on me //
I've made it pretty clear that I'm not the biggest fan of Arizona. Up until like two days ago, I was adamant about leaving this 130 degree hell hole as soon as possible. So what's wrong with me because when I watched this video made my a kid from a local high school, my heart was filled with happiness and I realized that it's really not so bad here, and maybe I wouldn't mind staying. Did I really just say that?! Ugh.

What're you loving? And loving not so much?
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  1. I hate the suspense of dying my hair & waiting to see how it turns out. I'm always convinced it's going to be a disaster even though ot never is!

  2. Your hair looks really pretty! I love the color :)

  3. It can look weird while it is processing but it came out great!

  4. That video is awesome!!! Glad to know AZ is growing on you...even if it's ever so slightly ;)