another college rant

Happy Friday my loves! Today's post is mostly a vent, so sorry that its not the best way to end the week! So, you might've seen on Instagram that I was swamped with homework this week. I posted this picture on Monday. If you notice, I mention in the caption that I only have one semester left of college. On Monday, I registered for my last semester of college, and I will be graduating three semesters early. I was pretty excited about it, and so I shared the news on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter. I got the normal "How exciting!" and "Congrats!" comments and replies that I expected, but I also got some comments/emails/replies that bugged me a little.

I mentioned here that I think college is hard. I think some people think that its so easy and they don't take into consideration that for some students college isn't all fun and games. I have a lot going on. I have six classes, a job, my design site, and this blog to manage on top of working out, paying for bills, grocery shopping, gassing up my ride, and all of that fun adult stuff. So anyway, when I posted about graduating this year, I got a lot of replies saying that I shouldn't rush things. "College is the best time of your life." All of that jazz.

Here's what I have to say. Obviously if someone is excited to graduate, they don't want to hear about how they should stay in college forever. People assume that once I graduate I will just be thrown into the "real world" without a plan and I'll regret getting out of school. Which is absolutely not the case. I have a plan, and I know that I will be happier once I graduate. I'm planning to move to Montana where I'll live with Handsome (I won't have to worry about finding a place to live or paying rent).  I'm going to get my Master's degree online (I'm furthering my education). I'm going to get a job or a paid internship, which I've already started looking into (I'll be making money). But most importantly, I'll be with the one person that makes my life complete.

When people hear I'm graduating and respond with those "stay in college forever" comments, it makes me feel like they think I'm making a bad choice. It's not like I'm quitting school and "messing up" my chances for a successful future (not that I think you have to go to school to be successful). I want people to be proud of me. I'm getting a 4 year degree in 2.5 years. I don't see how its a bad thing, yet some people make it seem that way.

If you're in a long distance relationship, I'm sure you understand. If you're not, imagine spending almost every day without that one person that you do everything with. It sucks, and it makes everything a million times less enjoyable. DJ is my everything. He makes everything more enjoyable. Being away from him is so hard. Yes, he is the main reason I am excited to graduate early. I'm excited to get out of school and go be with him. I'm excited to start our life together. I know that even if my job sucks or I have tons of bills to pay (or whatever other "adult" things people think I'll regret), I'll have him at the end of every day, and nothing is better than that.

I'm not in a sorority, and Greek Life is HUGE at my school. Class, homework, work, and blogging take up most of my time. When I'm not doing any of that, I'm usually relaxing or adventuring with my roommates. But honestly, it's not that great. I mean yeah, I enjoy being in college and I'm having fun, but I do not think that next year I'll look back and think "those were the best years of my life." When I look back on the last year, the times that I think "yeah, that was an amazing time" were when I was not in school. The best part of my year was being with Handsome. In Germany, Montana, California, wherever. But the point is, I know that I will enjoy myself more once I graduate. I won't have to stress about six classes worth of assignments. I wont be sad about not seeing the man I love for two whole months. I wont constantly have to check my countdown to see how long until I can see him again. I wont have to rely on text messages and Skype to make me happy.

What I'm getting at is the fact that college is different for everyone. Some people have the time of their lives, and its just not meant for others. I enjoy it. But its also not where I want to be. So next time you're telling someone that they should be enjoying themselves, think about how they might feel if they're not. It's hard having people telling you how you should feel. "These should be the best years ever." Well, they're not. I can't wait to graduate and I'm fully aware that I will have to deal with "real world" stresses and responsibilities, but to me, it's completely worth it.

Woof, sorry for the rant again. But hey, if I can't vent here, where can I? I'd love to hear your opinions on this, or even just your plans for the weekend! Happy Friday :)
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  1. I understand completely where you're coming from. I see a lot of myself in your posts and we're both wiser, more mature than our age lets on... While we might be in the "best years of our lives" we're also in a stage of our lives completely different from our peers. We're in a stable, healthy, committed relationship that both of us can see the endgame of. Most of our friends are still partying every night and hooking up with different guys on the biweekly. So while for someone else staying in school forever is appealing, for people like us, starting our lives - specifically those lives we envision while floundering late at night under term papers - is way more appealing than midterms, exams and shotgunning beers. (Though, the occasional beer, especially with the boy is still pretty good too ;) )

  2. I totally get where you are coming from. People use to say that to me also and at the time I was in a long distance relationship with my NOW husband and I just so so so wanted to be past all of that so I desperately looked forward to college graduation. Then I graduated and on a whim started graduate school the VERY NEXT WEEK since I got in. I looked so forward to being past that too. I don't miss the work at all, but some days I do miss how carefree those days were to an extent. I had a job and had to pay rent and was in the process of losing 115 pounds so I felt like my plate was so so full, but looking back it was kinda fun.

    However, I HATE when people are like "these are the best days of your life"--ummm...no...no they are. Being young is hard. You are trying desperately to discover who you are and who you want to be and WHAT you want to do with your life. Plus, I think it's quite sad that people think the best days of their life happened when they were 18. lol.

    Anyways, you're getting so close to graduating and soon you and DJ will be happily ever after:)

  3. I totally get it. I couldn't wait to be done with college. I mean, yes, it was fun while I was there, but that certainly doesn't mean I never wanted it to end. I loved intelligent conversation, making friends and learning new things, but the homework? Oh the homework! I hope I never have to write another friggin' paper in my life. I much prefer real life where I write practical things for my job. That I get paid for. I could go to grad school, and I do feel like some might look down on me that I didn't, but I simply do not care. I liked college enough while I was in it, but I'm so glad to be done with it. And that's OK! For you too!

  4. I loveeeeeee college! I really, really do. HOWEVER, these are absolutely not the best years of my life. I have said that before and I will say it again. i've spent a lot of these years confused, scared, anxious, depressed, unsure, etc. I love these years but I know with age comes confidence, and those will be the best years!

  5. I totally understand what you mean. I mean, I'm taking a "victory lap" (AKA I couldn't decide on a major and screwed myself over...), and I'm more than ready for the next chapter! I'm with Rachael- as much as I love certain aspects of school, I pray this isn't the best time of my life! Yay for only one more semester, girl!

  6. I hated every minute of my 4 1/2 year college experience. The last semester was okay because I got to do fun things like buy a cap and gown and take pretty easy classes. What I have noticed is that people are so quick to offer advice about college because it was their version of "the good old days". Well my good days haven't stopped just because I graduated.

    I once offered a piece of advice on my own blog that basically said enjoy college while you are there. I wish I would have embraced the moments I didn't know were there wile I had the chance. But I would never. ever. say go back. Or to stay there. You seem like you have a plan! You do you girl!

  7. Always do what is best for you and don't listen to anyone else. You know what is best for you and your future and your relationship. No one else understands every aspect of your life so they put their two cents in without thinking first. Finishing school in 2.5 years is incredible! If that is what is best for you than do it. I enjoyed my 4 years of school and that is what was best for me. Everyone is different!

  8. College wasn't much fun for me, either. I had to work a lot of hours to make up the shortfall in my financial aid, which meant my financial aid was reduced because I was making money, which meant I had a bigger shortfall...I had no time for parties, games, social events, etc.
    Graduating 3 semesters early is pretty incredible and congratulations!

  9. That's so impressive that you are finishing in 2.5 years. I imagine that's a whole lot of hours and a whole lot of work. Congrats on your upcoming graduation!

  10. I am so with you. It is amazing that you are finishing so early. I'm hoping I can finish just one semester early. It sucks when people talk about how college is supposed to be the best time of your life because it makes you (and me) feel like we're doing something wrong! We're not. College is different for everyone just like life is different for everyone and there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be done with it. If I could be done with it now, I would!

    xoxo Jenny

  11. I think people need to stop pushing their ideas of happiness onto other people. College isn't all that to me. It's great but it's definitely not the time of my life. I know there are greater things out there in store for me. I think people who say that are just saying that college was the greatest time of THEIR life and that there's nothing left for them. Those people don't know how to dream big and get what they want. They should be applauding you on the fact that you're graduating THREE SEMESTERS EARLY because that is a SERIOUS feat. Hell, I'm graduating two semesters late and I'm still proud of myself! So you go, Brianna! (P.S. When I get back into town we need to meet!)

  12. If I could have gotten a four year degree in 2.5 years, I would have so done it. It took me 8. Eight years wonderful years of trying to make the work full time/go to school full time thing work out for the best. And then switching colleges 3 times, and my major 4. Anyways! You should be proud. And just like J Law says... "F the haters!" You are awesome B. You deserve this!