ten favorite things: valentine's edition!

Okay seriously, where did January go? I can't believe it's almost over. It was definitely a good start to a new year. You know what the best part of the end of the month is? Announcing next month's Ten Favorite Things topic! For those of you that are new around here, Ten Favorite Things is my monthly link up that happens the first Monday of the month. I announce a topic, and you share your ten favorite things about that topic. Simple, right?
Well, it's February. So you can guess that this month's theme has something to do with Valentine's Day. You also know how much I love to talk about my boyfriend. So it's only natural that this month's theme is….drumroll please…. that special someone. I want to emphasize that that special someone does not have to be a significant other. It just has to be someone that is important to you! :)
As if you don't already know, here's what I love about my man.

ONE his sense of humor. We have the same sense of humor, and he always makes me laugh. And he thinks I'm super funny so it's perfect because I think I'm super funny too. ;) He always has the best laugh. When he thinks something is funny he'll watch it a million times and still laugh just as hard as the first time and I love it. Oh and his smile is perfect. Okay I'm done.

TWO he's supportive. I'm a mess. I have no clue what I want to do with my life and I have a breakdown and want to quit school like every three days. Like yesterday, I decided I was going to leave U of A and get a graphic design degree somewhere. Get it together, Brianna. But Handsome always supports what I want to do. When I'm being ridiculous, he tells me. He always brings me back to reality, but I know that no matter what I do with my degree and my future, he'll always be in my corner.

THREE he's stable. Like I said, I'm a mess. So it's nice to be with someone who has their shit together. He has a job, a house, a truck, and he's very mature. He also has a plan. It's so comforting knowing that he has a secure job for a while, and that when he does get out, he has an idea of what he wants to do.

FOUR he's a gentleman. The first time we were together, he opened the car door for me. WHAT WHO DOES THAT HE'S PERFECT. He still does that to this day. He tells me I'm beautiful when I know I look like shit, he always offers to get me whatever I need, and he takes care of me. His mamma definitely raised him right because that man knows how to treat a woman! :)

FIVE he likes country music. That was #1 on my list of boyfriend criteria. When we first started dating he didn't really listen to it but I knew that would change once he was around me long enough ;) Now he's the one showing me new music and I love that.

SIX he's excited about our future together. He lets me talk about our wedding and our kids and getting a house and all that future shiz without wanting to strangle me. 

SEVEN he never fails to make me feel better when I'm sad. Whether I'm down about school, issues with friends or family, or if I'm just having a bad day, all it takes is one phone call to him to make me feel better. Hearing him tell me everything will be okay really makes me believe it. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true.

EIGHT he wants all of the same things as I do. When it comes to our future and our family, we want the same things regarding where we live, how we raise our family, and all that jazz. Which is obviously important.

NINE I trust him. Being in a long distance relationship is tough. I talked about the bright side to that the other day. But truthfully, long distance relationships don't work without trust. Any relationship, really. I completely trust Dj. I've never not trusted him. I know that I have his heart and I always will, and I trust him with it. That's such an amazing feeling!

TEN we can make fun of each other. He has a huge forehead. He makes fun of my 'long' fingers and the pictures in this post. I love it. I love that we can take shit from each other. We can mess around and be crazy and silly together, but we're also serious when we need to be. Its the perfect balance.

I love him. Can you tell?

So, grab a button and link up on MONDAY FEBRUARY 3. I can't wait to read all about your special someone's! 

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  1. If he has a good humor, he's DA BEST! Make sure that he reads this!

  2. Stable is key!! I am also a mess, so I totally understand where you are coming from. & he is funny? You got yourself a keeper

    xo. Kailagh

  3. A sense of humor is ALWAYS a priority!! =)

  4. I love number five and ten the most!

  5. Hurray! Love this and am so excited to read everyone's posts for the link up!

  6. I love this post. I love the fact that he is your everything, I can't wait for you two to live together and progress towards the future. You two are absolutely adorable and the way you talk to about him is out of this world!

  7. What a great idea for a link up party! I love my man, too, so we have that in common! Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Amanda Rose

  8. Awe! Gosh you guys are just too cute! I am definitely excited about this link up!

  9. Sense of humor is so important! Stability is important too.

  10. So sweeet! You guys are definitely perfect :)

  11. Aw, this is such a great idea!! I love it! It sounds like yall have a really great relationship :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  12. I looove this topic! So cute!!! :D
    Making fun of each other and not taking it personally is awesome... teasing is fun... :)

  13. This is so sweet, trust is everything especially in a long distance relationship, sounds like you guys have a perfect relationship!

  14. This will be the first time I'm writing about my guy on my blog, AH :) Can't wait to link up! Btw that button is adorable!


  15. Can't wait to blog about my one true love ;)

  16. So sweet!! I'm definitely going to join this link up! :)

  17. Already getting excited for this linkup!!! I'm the same way about my boyfriend- sometimes I feel obnoxious gushing, so this will be the perfect excuse to talk about him without feeling guilty! ;)

  18. Love this idea! Excited to link up on Monday! I just shared your ten favorites link up on Treasure Tromp's Link-up Directory! http://www.treasuretromp.com/2014/01/link-blog-hop-directory-treat-yo-self-thursday-link-9/#more-7175 :)

    Bri -- Allthatsglittered.blogspot.com

  19. That's so sweet! Sense of humor and a gentleman!