no gas, no power, but plenty of quesadillas

Let me start by saying thank you. I really love you guys. I was feeling a little down on the blog yesterday, and the support you all showed me was so amazing. It really reminded me of why I truly love blogging. But anyway, guess how cold it is here? Yep. -18 degrees. Sounds awful right? Well, it is. But I must say, the cold and snow have created an interesting couple of days for Handsome and me.

Adventure #1: On Friday, Dj wanted to drive out to a little town about a half an hour away called Monarch. Some of his friends (I use the term "friends" loosely because, who are we kidding- we don't have friends) told him about it and said that there's really good camping out there. So since we had nothing to do (again, we have no friends), we decided to drive out there just to see what its like. When we left the city, it was a little snowy. Just some flurries- not much on the ground. Well, on our way out of the city towards the mountains and towards Monarch, the snow really started to fall. Of course. We had to kick that shit into four wheel drive! Well, Monarch was a little farther than we thought, and our gas tank was coming up on empty, but we figured we'd fill up once we got there. By the time we got there, snow was really coming down. There was a good few inches on the ground. But it made his truck look extra sexy.
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Oh and are you ready for the best part? Monarch doesn't have a gas station. Uh, what? What kind of town doesn't have a gas station? About two seconds after we started to head back, the gas light came on. It was 20 miles until we hit the main highway and then another 25 minute drive back to Great Falls. So basically we were stranded. We called Dj's roommates and had them go fill up a gas can and head out to meet us wherever we run out of gas. We finally made it to a little town called Belt which was like the cutest town in the history of cute towns and guess what...they had a gas station! Thank God. So we told Chustin we didn't need them anymore, got gas, headed home, and went out to a nice restaurant and ate enough to feed all of the starving kids in the Sarah McLachlan commercials. 

Adventure #2: Friday night it was still snowing a lot. So at like 10, Dj and I decided it would be fun to go play in the snow. We had a snowball fight which I totally would've won if my gloves didn't suck. The snow kept sticking to them and wouldn't make a ball. So basically Dj was just nailing me with snowballs and I was throwing snow in his face. Then we made snow angels. Adventure numero dos was a good adventure.
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Yay snow! :)

Adventure #3: Last night around 5:45, the power went out. I was scared shitless because I'm like really afraid of the dark. Also, when you have no lights, no TV or computer, and your phone is dead, there's not much you can do. So that was fun. We also couldn't cook dinner so we all went over to Taco Bell. Where I ate two quesadillas dipped in nacho cheese. Is that weird? Probably. But don't judge until you try it. Also, I blogged about my goals the other day and how I wanted to stay dairy free so obviously that's working out well. Good thing Taco Bell has wifi because we spent the night there and I think we might just end up living here.

Just kidding. We went home and after three hours of kickin' it old school the power came on and we were so excited you would've thought we won the lottery or something. Moral of the story: having no power sucks, but if you get some quesadillas out of it, its totally worth it.

I also installed passionfruit on both my sponsorship page and design site. When you see my sponsor spots, don't judge. I apologize for my In N Out obsession. Anyway, to celebrate, the first two of you to buy an ad will get 50% off! Use the promo code "HELLO2014":)

Also, the Ten Favorite Things link up is TOMORROW so don't forget to come share your ten favorite things about a new year!
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  1. It must be COLD there! It is supposed to be -8 here in Kentucky today

  2. Nothing worse than losing power... can't even flush the damn toilet! Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!

  3. It has been freezing in Ohio, too...and there is another winter weather advisory for tonight. Glad you ended up finding gas even though you had to drive to another town to do so.

  4. Secretly, I love it when there is no power. No power = cuddle time with candles. No power = no distractions from the TV. It has been so cold in Cleveland! And we are bracing ourselves for another snow storm to pass through. I'm going to posting about my drive home from work on Thursday so make sure to check out that post tonight.

  5. Yeah, they issues a 'state of emergency' here in Northwest IN. I guess Snowmagedon 2014 has officially reached defcom 1, considering that it's rumored that anyone out driving will receive a $2500 ticket. Yikes! At least you are having fun with your man!!! Oh, did I mention that they just closed both major highways out of NWI? Boo!

  6. At least you had fun on all of your adventures. But lack of power in the winter is the worst! Tomorrow our windchill temp is going to be in the -50s... I am NOT looking forward to it & I'm hoping that my fiances boss decides to close for the day because there's just no reason to go anywhere in that crazy dangerous of weather!

    Stay warm & have a good week :)

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  7. I WANT TO BUY AN AD but no spend challenge :( ugh the legit struggle :(

  8. I like no power for the cuddling, no electronics and games we play. But no power in a snowstorm sucks because the temperature inside drops quickly. No bueno. Glad it came back on!!!

  9. -18 huh? we're only at -16 today, so I guess you win. ;) but our windchills are supposed to be around -45 so there's that. let's all go on vacation somewhere warm!

  10. what?? no gas station??

    we have been getting hammered in toronto with the weather too. last night mother nature shat about 10cm of snow, then proceeded to give us the finger with freezing rain and then more snow on top of that. WINTER, STOP IT ALREADY!!

    stay warm!!

    Vodka and Soda

  11. All this winter weather is insane to me. I've never lived anywhere but in AZ, so -18 degrees is literally unimaginable. Like, I have no idea what that could possible feel like!! Try and stay warm!!

  12. Oh gosh, it's actually not that uncommon for towns in Montana not to have gas stations...sorry you had to find out that way though!!! Stay warm!!!

  13. I want some of your snow!! It's not winter without it! :)

    Ps- Im always paranoid about running out of gas, Lol

  14. Our power went out this past week because of snow too.... I freaked out. This is the first time I've ever lived in snow and I am not really a fan.

  15. you guys looks so cute in the snow! i love it!

  16. The snow could either be terrifying or fun, and I’m glad you guys enjoyed it despite the stress it could bring. Anyway, your situation with the gas was quite terrible. It must’ve been very frustrating when you found out that there were no gas stations around for miles, in the moment you need it most. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us!

    Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company