him vs her

Hi! Brianna and Dj here reporting from Montana where ITS NOT SNOWING. Like c'mon Montana, what is this shiz. I brought so many cute winter clothes and its not even cold enough for my North Face jacket. I live in 70 degree weather year-round...I at least wanted a white Christmas! I've been a little unmotivated in the bloggy business lately, at least with writing posts. I did do some designs recently I'm really excited about. Go see Rachael and Tabitha's new looks! Other than that, I've spent the last few days sitting on my butt watching football and eating food that I shouldn't be eating because what else is there to do? At least handsome is home and I'm not stuck in his house with the haunted basement all alone.

Anyway, I found this cute little idea on Ashley's blog and I had to do it! Also, if you don't know Ashley, go say hi because she's amazing and her and her hubby are too cute! Here's a fun little 'get to know you' game with Handsome and me!
him vs her
Dj: Vans all the way!!
Brianna: Either flip flops or boots...mostly my new red Hunter boots! :)
hunter boots, date night, shoes, fashion, love, date
Dj: Fierce Melon Gatorade!
Brianna: Dr. Pepper!

Ice Cream Flavor
Dj: Vanilla
Brianna: Chocolate or cookies and cream!

Dj: Red
Brianna: Pink!


Dj: Reeses

Brianna: Chocolate with caramel!


Dj: R&B

Brianna: Country :)

Go to outfit

Dj: Dark denim and a v-neck

Brianna: Leggings and a v-neck or big sweater!


Dj: (He asked me what his favorite restaurant is hehe) Spinato's

Brianna: In-N-Out...does that count as a restaurant??


Dj: Remember the Titans

Brianna: Bridesmaids!


Dj: I like pizza...In-N-Out burger...Chipotle burritos. Basically anything that tastes good.

Brianna: In-N-Out or Chipotle!

Item You Can't Live Without

Dj: You! Awh :)

Brianna: Him :)

TV Show

Dj: How I Met Your Mother.

Brianna: One Tree Hill! 

Wake up time (M-F)

Dj: If I'm at work...5. If not, 11.

Brianna: Around 10.

Way to relax

Dj: Call of Duty or working out.

Brianna: Blogging, designing, reading, or spending time with him.

Vacation Spot

Dj: Carlsbad or any place with a beach!

Brianna: Europe :)

california, beach, him vs her, long distance relationship, love
Europe, Neuschwanstein, love, long distance, Germany, him vs her

Dj: Christmas
Brianna: Christmas


Dj: Football!!

Brianna: I don't really have a favorite sport!

Memory together
Dj: Spending the summer in Europe together
Brianna: Europe! :)

Well, there you have it! Feel free to grab your man and do this yourself!!

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  1. So cute! :) I LOVE One Tree Hill! One of my favorite shows :)

  2. Aw, this is cute! And if you want cold weather, come to Toronto. It's minus 30 right now (which is -22F). I'm freezing!

  3. those hunter boots!!!!!

    ps. one tree hill was like MY SHOW for years...but then i got bored and gave up and now i can't remember what happened so i can't restart it! haha

  4. This is sooo cute! Gosh, I love you guys! AND if you want snow, you can come visit me... maybe even take some with you??

  5. In-an-Out and Chipotle tooootally count as restaurants =)

  6. One Tree Hill forever (screamed like a teenager saying that lol)

  7. You guys are just too damn cute, I swear!!!!!!!!!! :)

  8. Aww! Get married already, you two!
    Some of my favorite memories with my boyfriend were our summer trip to Europe too!

  9. I love your hunter boots!

  10. oh man, I love those boot! and duh, in-n-out totally counts :)
    thanks for linking up with Treat Yo Self Thursday!