Three years...

I think about the future often. Like really often. Since Dj and I are so far away, a lot of times we talk about our future and how we can't wait to fast forward a little so we can finally be together for good. Sometimes I get too caught up in the future, and I forget to enjoy the present. Today I was thinking about how truly blessed I am, and again how thankful I am for everything I have. I have a car to get me around, I'm going to school for absolutely free, I have an amazing job, I'm in love with the most perfect man, and I have amazing friends and family. Even though I might take it all for granted and wish I could skip through the next few years, I really have a lot to be happy with right now.
But just because I have a lot of good things in my life right now doesn't mean I can't get excited for the future, right? (Excuse that double negative, but I'm not changing it) It makes me happy to think about where I'll be in the future.
Three years from now...
I'll be finishing my masters. I'll be graduating from my undergrad in about a year and a half, and then I want to get my master's in early childhood education. So in three years from now, hopefully I'll be close to the end of my schooling for good.
I'll be married to the love of my life. Handsome and I really want to get married as soon as possible, but we're waiting until I finish my degree. So once I graduate from U of A, I can go live with him and we can get married shortly after!
I'll be living somewhere awesome. Of course, I don't get to choose where we live, the military will do that for us. But hopefully we can live somewhere new and exciting, which is really anywhere besides Arizona for me.
I can go to Europe again. We really want to go back. If you haven't read about my trip there yet, you can do that here

If Dj could get stationed somewhere in Europe again, that would be awesome. He misses it so much and I know he would be so happy to be back in Germany (as long as I could go with him). But if not, we still really want to take a trip back there. I'd love to go to Spain. We also talk a lot about maybe traveling somewhere in South America. Either way, we definitely want to get a lot of traveling done while it's just the two of us!
I love thinking about my life in the future, mostly because I'll be with Handsome. We'll have our own house, we'll get to see each other every single day, and we'll have a cute little puppy that we can take care of together.
But as much as I love to think about the future, I'm trying my best to stay positive and focus on the great things in my life right now.


  1. It is SO great that you recognize all of the good things you have going on in your life. It's easy to take what we have for granted! You will have a good future ahead of you because you have a great attitude and a great outlook on life! :)

  2. I like the new look! You have lots to look forward to!

  3. Loved this post Brianna !!! My hubby and I are completely guilty of obsessing over the future at times...like college for the baby etc! Lol yep we have already talked about college for our 2 year old :) I quickly snap out and start living in the present. Its good to think about the future but just as important to enjoy the present :)

    Love the pictures of your travels :)

  4. I love the new design, Brianna!

    I love looking to the future too. Making plans, dreaming, and figuring out how to make them happen. :)

  5. Great post! As much as I try to tell myself to live for TODAY, I can't help but think about the future. And there's nothing wrong with that!

  6. I fall in to this pattern of thinking and fixating on the future- living together again, our wedding, our honeymoon, kids, things like that so I'm trying to make a conscious effort to focus on the here and now... I was reminded recently that I'll never be in this moment again so it's a constant battle, but I think I'm doing a much better job of it now!

    You have a lot of wonderful things to look forward to so a nice balance of future and now is a good thing!

    Happy Friday!

  7. There are two pieces of encouragement I can share with you.

    One, you are far from being alone in this waiting stage.

    Two, each day is one day closer to being together forever.

  8. early childhood master's degree! you go girl! my master's in higher ed!

  9. Hi! I found your blog from the Totally Awesome Blog Hop, and I absolutely love it! That's so cool that you're going into early childhood education- when did you know you wanted to do that?
    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts