planning a wedding long distance [a guest post]

Well, it's no secret around here that I am in a long distance relationship. We're going to get married shortly after I graduate, so most of our wedding planning will be long distance as well. 

Today I have a guest post from a woman named Monica. Monica Nolan, a Texan at heart, has recently moved up north to conquer the big apple. With a passion for writing and all things that pertain to love, she has become a relationship and wedding expert. She has some great advice today for planning a wedding while enduring a long distance engagement!

A long distance relationship is not an easy situation for a serious couple. When this long distance relationship turns into a long distance engagement, the challenges are even more evident.  However, be reassured that the planning process is indeed doable. There are several steps you can take to ensure that your wedding will turn out just the way you want it to, no matter the miles that separate the two of you.

Choose the location
Choosing the location is one of the most important parts when planning a wedding, especially with a couple divided between two different areas. You must first decide if it will be more beneficial to choose a neutral location or to have the wedding in your area or his area. Consider the costs associated with the locations (for instance, getting married in Maine is a lot less expensive than NYC), the mobility of those key guests that have to attend, and whether one locale experiences warmer weather than the other.
If you settle on an area that neither of you live in, this will require some traveling efforts to check out the lay of the land, as it is crucial to get to know specifics of the destination. Once decided, the guest list and budget become the next important determining factors when choosing a venue. With your fiancé, determine how large you would like your wedding to be and then find a venue that can accommodate your guests and your budget.

Get a Wedding Planner
If you have chosen a location that neither of you live in, it would be extremely beneficial to hire a wedding planner, especially one that is familiar with your chosen point. You want to choose someone who understands your vision for your wedding, your style and everything in between. Connecting to this person on a personal level will help for the two of you to work together towards the same goal; an amazing wedding. Thumbtack.com is a website that allows you to search for wedding planners in any area and also compare quotes between those wedding planners, letting you get the best deal.

Bridal Party Apparel
Choosing the bridal party apparel can be tricky if everyone is not located in the same area and can go to the same store. It might be best to choose a bridesmaid dress from a chain store, like David’s Bridal, so no matter where each person is located they can go in and get the dress you chose. Another option is to give your bridal party several colors they can choose from and allow them to find a dress that matches the criteria; mail them swatches of fabric, as simply telling your favorite ladies “light pink” might result in a rainbow of different interpretations.

Choose Travel Days
It is important to make at least two trips together to visit the location of your wedding and the wedding venue. The first trip should be made right in the beginning of the planning process so you can be sure that you are choosing the best venue for your wedding. The second trip should be made two or three months before your wedding to finalize plans with vendors and photographers. It is important to make sure you are able to meet with everyone you need to before you make the trip.

Utilize Technology
You most likely use options like Skype to keep your passion alive despite the distance, and you can definitely do the same with wedding planning. Dropbox will allow for the two of you to share large amounts of files free from hassle, and start a Google Doc that you two can continually build upon together for brainstorming ideas. Therefore, you two won’t have to wade through dozens (or hundreds) of wedding-related emails, or spend your precious time on the phone together talking solely about species of flowers.

Balance Decisions
A marriage is about compromise and trust and, when you’re planning your engagement across great distances, the wedding involves much of the same. If one of you is fifteen minutes from the caterer and the other is thousands of miles, it may make your life easier if one person simply has faith that their partner will make the right decision. However, it is important if the person that is far away from the location gets some say on the matter, especially so one person doesn’t feel overburdened while the other feels like they’re being left out of the loop; items that can be picked out remotely include invitations, the DJ and, perhaps with a little bit of assistance “on the ground,” the flowers, centerpieces and color palette.

Planning a wedding for a long distance couple requires a different kind of effort compared to couples located in the same area. However, with a little bit of patience and a lot of communication, your dream nuptials are entirely possible!  

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