how my life is basically a country music song

I'm a little obsessed with country music. It's all I listen to. I don't know any songs by lil kanye or 3 chains or whatever, but I know every lyric to every Luke Bryan song...so that's good.
That being said, let's welcome this beauty back to the blog for like the third time..
Yes, that's Luke Bryan. Yes, he's holding my phone. Yes, we took a selfie.

Anyway, do you ever listen to a song and think, "that's totally my life?" I do. All the time.
So I present to you...proof my life is basically a song written by the country music gods.
"I know I'm all over the road, I can't help but go little bit of left, little bit of right." Easton Corbin: All Over the Road. I'm also a terrible driver Easton, it's okay.
"Somewhere, somewhere sunny and 75" Joe Nichols: Sunny and 75. That's my life, all year round, because it doesn't get much cooler than that in Arizona.
"We could go get lost. Lost down some old backroad, lost in the song on the radio" Chris Young: Lost. Not only am I a terrible driver, I also am terrible with directions. I always leave about 15 minutes earlier than necessary because there's a 99% good chance I'll get lost on the way.
"Three dollars shy of a five dollar bill....two bucks to my name." Chris Young: Beer or Gasoline. I'm broke.
"Thank God for all I missed because it lead me here to this." Darius Rucker: This. I explain this one in this post.
"Somewhere in my car..." Keith Urban: Somewhere in my Car. Because I lose everything and I always end up finding it somewhere in my car.
"We're gonna find it tonight.." Chris Young: We're Gonna Find It Tonight. See above.
"But where I come from, rain is a good thing." Luke Bryan: Rain is a Good Thing. ...Where I come from is the desert.
And to end this one serious note...
"We've come so far since that day, and I thought I loved you then" Brad Paisley: Then. You can read mine and handsome's love story here.
Are there any songs that pertain to your life?
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    I love ALL these songs. ;)

  2. The whole selfie thing is such a cool thing to do for fans! Love it!

  3. Love this post! One of my friends and I were just singing "Rain is a Good Thing" yesterday. Luke Bryan is amazing, and your picture with him is just beyond words.

  4. I love this post and I love that LUKE BRYAN touched your phone and that you guys took a selfie... But, seriously that photo won't ever get old. Love all of those songs too!

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  5. I saw Luke Bryan in concert when he opened up for Drake a few years ago before he got as big as he is now. I was front row but I was no where as near him as you were!

  6. I love this almost as much as I love country music! ;-)

  7. I just love Luke Bryan . And my whole knowledge for country music ends on this man and Taylor Swift . But basically , I love Naturally by Selena Gomez as a life song!

  8. I listed to country music ALL the time when I lived in Florida, but I haven't kept up with it since I moved up North. Honestly, as cheesy as it is though, Begin Again defined my life for a lonnnnnggg time.

  9. JEALOUS!!! I saw him when he headlined for Tim McGraw. Such a beautiful man! and I know the lyrics to every song of his as well :)

  10. Love this :) Lately Luke's Play It Again and It Goes Like This by Thomas Rhett have been my "this song is about my life" songs.

  11. Haha I love it!! Also totally jealous Luke touched your phone!

  12. If Luke Bryan touched my phone I would remove the case and put it in a climate controlled display case. After first licking it. I mean, HUBBA HUBBA!!!!!!


  13. Well I like to say Storm Warning by Hunter Hayes describes me as a person and his Everybody's got somebody but me was kind of my theme song last year haha and if luke bryan touched my phone that case would be getting put in a museum vault stat!

  14. lukeeeee friggin bryan...yes please!