handsome's care package

Handsome got his house in Montana today! He's been staying in a hotel for over a week now (almost 2) and I'm so glad he has his house and doesn't have to spend a bunch of money for lodging and stuff anymore.
So, as a little 'congrats on the new place' present, I'm sending him a package! I wanted to share what I'm sending (He doesn't have wifi yet so I'm planning on him not seeing this...) It's nothing big or special at all, but it's just a little something so he knows I'm thinking about him! :)
First, I got him a long sleeve shirt from Sears, because I know as soon as it gets cold there he's going to be miserable. He definitely doesn't have enough long sleeve shirts!
And then I got a tiny journal from Target. 

I split it into four categories: 
Why I fell in love with you
you were sweet, you had an amazing sense of humor, you had so many incredible stories

Reasons I love you now
you treat me like a princess, you make me happy when I'm sad, you support me no matter what

Some of my favorite memories

What I look forward to most
marrying you, starting a family with you, waking up to you every day

So I just filled each section with little things that fit into each category! The little notebook really needed more pages. I could've written forever :)

Then, of course, something for his sweet tooth!

So there it is! Simple, but meaningful. I love sending him packages and its SO much easier now that he's back from Germany! I get to visit him in 51 days! I can't wait :)

Oh, also, I mentioned in this post that I'm a bad driver. Well, turns out I'm even worse at parking than I am at driving...cool.
I suck. 
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  1. I've seen much worse parking than that, I promise. He will love that package!

  2. What a thoughtful package! I love the notebook idea. I should make one for my husband. Next month marks 7 years together and that would be a special thing to do. Also, you're parking isn't too bad :) I've had my bad parking days too.

  3. I'm a nervous driver/parker! I've definitely parked like that before, too! haha!
    That is such a sweet package and I'm sure you'll make his day (probably week or month too!). I should put together something like that for my boyfriend even though he lives nearby, it's still a nice idea. :)
    Happy Weekend!

    xo, Abby @ Always, Abby

  4. I think that simple but meaningful is definitely better than something easy and extravagant :D I can only imagine that he his going to love that package!
    I've seen worse parking :D

  5. Oh my goodness that is too adorable!!! That's a great idea that I might have to steal from you. ;) And your parking job...hahahaha. Is that on campus??

  6. Super sweet! Pinned to my love board:)

  7. How cute is this... Good luck with the distance :( Hope you'll be fine!

    Photo Challenge @The Mind of an exchange

  8. The care package is sooo sweet !! Such a nice way to show your hunny how much you love him!! thumbs up :) and girl that parking job is nothing compared to what I've seen before lol

    Jocelyn @ Pretty Lucky Mama

  9. That notebook might be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

  10. Oh my gosh. This is so cute. This is only my 2nd post of yours (SO FAR!!!) and I'm already in love with you two as a couple. I may have to steal that notebook idea!!!!


  11. You are so sweet!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  12. What an ABSOLUTELY adorable, precious, cute, WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF SOMETHING CUTE TO DO LIKE THIS idea!!!