long-distance lovin'

So by now you know that my handsome man and I are in a long distance relationship. You can read our story here. He is in the Air Force and currently lives in Germany (boo!) . I recently visited him and it was the most amazing two months of my life! He's the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love every single thing about him! I just wish he was closer. It's hard on both of us being apart, but it also has made our relationship very strong and very special. We're getting pretty good at this long distance thing, and so I wanted to share a few tips!
But first another picture of my honey because I just can't get enough of him!
mmm! :)

Alright so first of all, there are a few benefits to a long distance relationship.
  • You don't take anything for granted. I believe that when you are with someone you care about every single day, you forget to appreciate the small things. Whenever my handsome man is away, I miss the small things the most. Holding hands, kisses, going out to dinner, cuddling on the couch watching TV, falling asleep together, cooking together...all that good stuff! It's always the things that we don't think twice about when we're together that I end up really missing. So I've learned to appreciate them much more when we do get to spend time together. I am thankful for every kiss. I never get bored just being in his arms on the couch. I hold his hand whenever I can! Being apart sometimes is a good way to not take each other for granted. If you are with your loved on every day, make sure you do your own thing sometimes too! It helps.
  • "The longer the wait the sweeter the kiss." We love this saying. It couldn't be more true! Being apart builds up so much anticipation. We talk about kissing and being together all the time, and when we finally are, it's always far beyond our expectations! That first kiss after being apart for months is probably the most amazing feeling in the world. The first moment that I am finally in Dj's arms makes every hard second of waiting 100% worth it!
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Now for some tips.
  • Skype often. Even when I've had the hardest of days, being able to Skype my honey and see his handsome face really makes everything better. We text all the time and he calls me often, but nothing really compares to being able to look at each other while we talk. It's the closest thing to being together, and it definitely makes being apart much, much easier!
  • Still do things "together". A fun way to connect with your long distance lover is to still do things together. See the same movie, read the same book, play the same games. That way you can talk about it and still share the experience. My love and I are currently watching the TV series Prison Break together right now! It's so good! We're on Season 4 (the last season) and I don't know what I'm going to do when it ends! We're thinking about watching Breaking Bad next, I've heard its great! Any suggestions? :)
  • Send things to each other. There's nothing more exciting than getting something special in the mail! Whether its for a special occasion or just because, I think it is important to send your special someone something they can physically have from you. My handsome man has sent me care packages, a 20 pounds stuff animal (crazy!), flowers, and all kinds of goodies. My birthday was a few days ago and here's what I got!

Aren't they beautiful?! And the note was so sweet! He makes my heart melt ♥
  • Always remind them. Remind them how much you love them. How much you miss them. How much they mean to you. Dj constantly tells me all of this, and it definitely helps. Sometimes when you're away from your loved one it can be hard to feel their love across the distance! It's definitely an adjustment going from showing someone how much you love them to only really being able to tell them. So never let them forget it!
  • Use Couple. There's a great free app out there called Couple. Dj and I use that since we can't text (he's in a different country). Couple allows you to text, send voice messages, pictures, videos, drawings, and all kinds of great stuff! You can even enter important dates and it'll remind you when they're coming up (so he won't forget your anniversary!) My favorite part is the "thumbkiss." You and your partner both enter the thumbkiss and wherever you touch the screen, your thumbprint shows up. When you align your print with your partner's, the app vibrates, and you've just thumbkissed! Some of you might think it all sounds so cheesy, but I love cheesy! Here's the promo video for the app:
Basically, when you're so far away from your significant other, the best way to handle it is to do everything you would do together, just differently. Still talk about the same things, give each other gifts, show him how much you love him, do activities together, and all that fun stuff! Keep yourself busy. I've been crafting a lot to help keep my mind off of missing my handsome man. And most importantly think positive. Dwelling on the bad and the fact that your apart can only make things worse, so try to focus on the positive! Plan activities for when you are together and think forward. It really makes a difference!
If anyone has other advice, feel free to comment below! To everyone that's missing someone tonight, remember that you're a day closer to being together, and remember that you're not alone! 
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  1. Y'all are too cute! I'm so happy you found my blog so in return I could find yours! Gonna be following you via bloglovin'! :)

    1. Awh thank you! I appreciate the follow :)

  2. Brianna I love this! My husband just graduated from BMT & started tech school so the long distance thing is very new to us. Thank you so much for the tips!!

    1. That's exciting! Yeah, it can definitely be difficult! If you ever need someone to talk to or have any questions feel free to email me or whatever! :)

  3. This is so adorable! You are so right though! You definitely can take things for granted when you see your significant other everyday. It happens all the time in marriage. I do my best to not do that. It's funny because I always remember how much I want my hubby to have those days off and be home with us and sometimes when they get here I allow silly things to bother me that he might do. I quickly remember that it really isn't that serious and then, the next day comes and he has to go back to work and I miss him and I feel so silly for not cherishing the moment better. Thanks so much for linking up to my new blog hop! I hope you'll come back next week! I love your blog and I'm following you now on bloglovin' and social media :)


    1. Yeah for sure! My problem is that when were together sometimes I get caught up in the face that he'll be leaving soon and it makes it harder to enjoy the last few days were together!!

  4. I just discovered your blog via "I Wore Yoga Pants" and I love this post. I'm currently in a long distance relationship with my fiance and I love finding other people in the same situation as me! I love these tips you gave and I'm going to convince my fiance to get the Couple App. Thanks for sharing! I love your blog and I'm now following you on bloglovin'!


  5. i want to use that app and i live with Leonardo