50 states scrapbook

I love to scrapbook. I'm working on one right now starting with my trip to Germany that my handsome man and I will continue to fill with all of our exciting adventures to come! I'll share what we have done as soon as he comes home (he wants to help me with it- isn't that cute!?) Anyway. The app we use, Couple (which you can read about in this post) has a "to-do" list that both you and your partner can add to. So needless to say, we have a running list. It's not too long, but here's some of what we've got:

 So about #2 - Visit all 50 states.

 I decided it would be fun to make a scrapbook with one page per state that we could fill in as we visit each place! So I found a printable of each state here and cut each and every state out (which was a pain in the ass!)
Cutting out Maryland...really?!

So I just put the state outline and the name of the state on each page of the book!

Then, as we visit each state, I'm going to put a star on the map where we go, and add one picture from our trip! 
Arizona is the only state we've been to together haha!

I can't wait to fill up the book and share the adventures with you all! 

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