life in the valley of the sun

Growing up in Arizona, I never had a true appreciation for the state. I thought it was too hot, too boring, and too ugly. But recently I've come to realize that Arizona is truly an amazing state, and Phoenix is a great place to live. When you live in Montana for a year away from all of your friends and family, you get a wake up call ;)

So in honor of the great state I live in, I wanted to do a post all about Arizona and some of the amazing things it has to offer! Plus its an excuse for me to share some of the fun things I've been doing lately *hairflip emoji*
Things to do: Arizona
Professional Sports
NBA Phoenix Suns
We're pretty lucky here in AZ that we have every professional sports team. David and I recently went to a NBA game and watched the Suns v Rockets. It was such a fun experience and our seats weren't half bad! We're so looking forward to baseball season right around the corner and we're even going to a Coyotes game with Carissa over at T is for Townsend next weekend! Yay sports....and beer.
NBA Phoenix Suns
Arizona has so many amazing places to hike. Even just in Phoenix alone, the hiking is amazing. But head up north, the scenery is breathtaking. Getting outdoors is definitely a goal of ours this year. Even though in like 2 weeks it'll be too hot to even go outside period. 

Phoenix hiking with dogs
Wine Tasting
Last month it was my good friend Carissa's birthday. We headed up to Cottonwood for a weekend of wine tasting. 
Wine tasting in Cottonwood, AZ
I could probably write a whole post on that trip, but Carissa already did that so you can read it here. The only part she forgot to mention was when the guy at the first tasting room presented a wine as "meaty" and "pot roasty" which really, really makes you want to drink it. Gag. Our weekend was filled with wine and pizza and laughs and birds on heads. And it was so fun.
Wine tasting in Cottonwood, AZ
Cooking Classes
 David and I went to a cooking class on Friday night at a little placed called Sweet Basil. It was a gourmet couples class, and we made super yummy food. On the menu was lobster pasta, salad, melon wrapped in prosciutto, quinoa salad, wine, and dessert. It was such a fun date night, and we realized that we need to be more creative with the things we cook at home!
Cooking Class Scottsdale, AZ
 I love anything antique, vintage, and rustic. So when we heard Sweet Salvage was this past weekend, we had to go. Its a four day vintage market they host once a month, and its honestly so amazing. 
Sweet Salvage
We found so many cute things, I wanted to buy it all. My bank account wasn't as eager to buy everything there as I was, so I ended up only leaving with a shirt. But I can promise you I'll be there next month with a little spending money.
Sweet salvage

But anyway, I picked up the cutest shirt from the sweetest lady, Rachel, from Twenty6Designs. All of her work is freehand and it is so amazing. Check out her shop @Twenty6Designs on Instagram and I promise you wont be disappointed!

So those are some of my favorite things to do here in the Valley of the Sun. What are some of your favorite things to do where you're from? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear!
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  1. I love this post! Cause I love Arizona!! And YOU!! I'm so excited for the hockey game this weekend...and beer *hairflip*

  2. Looks like such a fun place to live! I really need to hit up the wine tastings in my area and see if they're up to snuff!

  3. Update: Coyotes games are the funnest.

    I'm glad that we do fun things together in the valley of the sun yay games yay beer yay friends