hello, world

Well hello lovely people, and welcome to my new and improved corner of the interwebs! After a long, long break from the good ol' blog, I've decided to bring it back, dust it off, revamp it a little, and get back to it. Welcome to Nixon Oaks- my fresh start.

If we've never met, Hi. I'm Brianna. I'm a recent college grad who used to be a blogger. Then wasn't a blogger. And is not trying to be a blogger again. Nice to meet you! If you stick around these parts, you can expect a little bit of everything- recipes, crafts, life, love, too many pictures of my dogs, some local Phoenix stuff, and wedding planning because HELLO IM GETTING MARRIED! 

I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ where we wear flip flops all year round. I graduated from the University of Arizona (go wildcats!) a little over a year ago, and then I packed up my shit and moved to Montana. I know what you're thinking. People actually live in Montana? Yes. Unfortunately they do. 

So what brings a girl in flip flops to the state that has more cows than people and only has a winter season? Well, let me introduce you to the fiance. 

Blog, meet David. Air Force veteran turned real estate agent. He's also my best friend and I cant wait to spend my whole life with him, but let's save the mush for another post, shall we?

So anyway, I moved to Montana for a year where it was really cold but also really fun and beautiful. David separated from the Air Force and we moved home to AZ in January. We're finally all settled in to our apartment with our two little fur babes who I happen to treat like my children. #basic

Blog, meet Oakley and Nixon. They're the most spoiled dogs on earth and they use that to their advantage. They also like to eat carpet and anything else that is valuable. We love them.

I'm so excited to be back and start this new journey through Blogland. I'd love if you'd join me and follow along. You can follow all of the social medias for pictures of my dogs and funny snap filters. I'd also love love love if you'd leave a comment and tell me a little about who YOU are because I love making friends!

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  1. Hi hello I'm Carissa and I just love your new blog and I think I remember you from when you were a blogger before and I'm so happy you're back and OMG I wear flip flops year round too!! I think it's fate that brought me back to your blog. LOVE YOU MEAN IT YAY BLOGGING!!! I missed blogging Brianna

  2. Welcome back! Can't wait to hear all the wedding plans!

  3. Allow me to introduce myself. Kailey. Kai. K Camp. K Jack. Take your pick, mmmk? IM SO HAPPY YOURE HERE IN BLOG LANG AND YOU HAVE TO STAY FOREVER AND EVER AMEN. Also can we take a moment to admire the woman's face in the back of the pic of you & DJ *crying laughing* #ineedemojisonmylaptop