what I've learned in college

With my second year of college one week away from being over, I've been reflecting. I only have one semester left here, and this morning I was thinking of all of the things that I've learned in college. I've taken classes of all sorts, ranging from calculus 2, honors chemistry, and psychology to art and Spanish. With that being said, here are some of the things I've learned in college.
I can't speak Spanish. I've taken Spanish all four years in high school, and then in three upper division college classes. This semester I completed my minor. Guess what I know how to say? Hola. Me llamo Brianna. And that's basically the most of it. This semester my professor was a cute little Chilean woman that spoke really fast. There was one day all year that I understood what was going on. Why did I understand what she was talking about that day? Because it was food. We read a poem about food and you bet I understood that shit.

I can't spell. You would think that my spelling capabilities would've gotten better in college. And that my vocabulary has improved. But really if it weren't for spell check I don't know what I would do. Thanks, Apple, for helping me get through college by not making me have to learn to spell. Also, I called my roommate "unresponsible" and just so you know, that isn't a word.

Iguanas don't change colors. Or at least thats what they say. I'm not convinced. But yes, during these two years that I've been in college, this is one of the most valuable things I've learned- if that tells you anything.
"An OBEr is someone that experiences an OBE." Before I explain, here's the picture that accompanied this sentence in my textbook:
If that isn't a quality textbook drawing, I don't know what is. But basically this was in my psychology text for my consciousness class. We were learning about OBE's, or Out of Body Experiences. It's actually pretty interesting stuff. But our textbook had the statement "an OBEr is someone who experiences an OBE" Oh. Now I get it! Thank you, $30,000 quality education.

Coffee is absolutely necessary. I've become addicted. Mostly to Starbucks. Last year I got a $100 gift card to bring to college with me. Guess how long it lasted? Two months. #Yolo

Partying gets old fast. First semester was all about going out and having fun. But at my school, unless you're 21 (which I'm not) its all about the frat parties. Which is fun at first, but honestly I don't get how girls can do it every weekend all four years. One semester was enough for me. I'd much rather stay home and watch Mean Girls (happy 10th anniversary Mean Girls).

Driving on campus is not fun.  People walking around campus are idiots and don't watch where they're going. This + tons of foot and bike traffic = sorry, but I'm going to hit you.

Your friends will change. The friends you had in high school will leave, the friends you thought would always be there aren't, but you also meet some of the best friends you'll ever have.

There are some crazy people out there. AKA Brother Dean.

ALWAYS AVOID EYE CONTACT. When you're walking around campus and there are people trying to stop you to preach about religion or hand you a flyer- avoid eye contact at all costs. Never stop and talk to them because you'll be stuck in a 30+ minute conversation.

Straight A's were definitely a high school thing. I got straight A's in high school. In college I've gotten everything from an A to a D, and I'm totally okay with it. No one expects you to have a 4.0 here.

Well, obviously I've learned tons of valuable things in college, huh? What did you learn in college?
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  1. Stop it you're the best! Love you! You're the wind beneath my wings ;)

  2. OBE makes me think of OBGYN...did you learn any of that in college?...me neither. Yuck.

  3. I can't spell either and I'm finishing up my masters degree this semester! Hello spell check! Webster's dictionary and thesaurus online versions are my best friend! I've also received every single grade out there (even the F!). I've found out that some classes you just need to get through and survive. Good luck on your next adventure!

  4. I always HATED driving on campus! It's like a minefield!

  5. Brianna, I'm so with you on most of the all-of-the-above. Last semester, my best friend and I were sick of stressing out for a statistics exam (who needs it? not us.). So, we grabbed some *ahem* drinks and made popcorn while watching Holiday in Handcuffs. Needless to say, I less-than-rocked that test. But, that's ok, because it's the well-made memories crying over Mario Lopez Hallmark chick flicks with your best girl buds that count, right? Right. I knew you'd feel me.

    P.S. My campus Starbucks takes our "dining dollars." Also needless to say, I ran out of dining dollars midway through the semester. Who needs real food, anyway?


  6. I feel the exact same way! Especially the partying part! And if that's a picture of your computer up top, we have to same case! And it looks like yours has cracked at the corners too! Ugh, stupid things! haha great blog post!