social media pet peeves

I'm addicted to social media. But aren't we all? Bloggers without social media is like macaroni without cheese. Which is just pasta. Which I guess is still good so that was a bad example. How about a blogger without social media is like a fish without water? That's dramatic. But I think you get the point. So where were we? I'm always on social media. I have a routine. I check Facebook which usually has nothing new because I just checked it like five minutes ago. Then I check Twitter which usually has some funny tweets from Whale Facts or Antijoke apple because they're my favorite. By the way I'm so happy because DJ is following Pizza on Twitter and I think thats so funny. Anyway, then I check the Insta which usually leads to me stalking myself and wishing I was back in Germany. Woof. That was a lot. But where am I going with this? I forgot and had to take a break because I literally couldn't remember what this post was supposed to be about. Tuesdays are not my days. Anyway, being on social media all the time, there are those people that really bug you. You know who I'm talking about.

The constant selfie instagrammer.
A few selfies are fine. We all have those days where our hair is on point or we just want everyone to know how good we look, right? But three selfies a day? NO. We know what you look like. We've seen your duck face. We know that the caption "I look so ugly today" is a cry for attention. Oh, your boobs just happen to look HUGE in that picture and you didn't realize it? Yeah, okay. Multiple Instagrams a day are annoying, but if its multiple selfies- get out.

The giveaway tweeter.
Okay who doesn't love free stuff? I sure do. I even entered my first Instagram giveaway yesterday which I NEVER do because I don't like posting those kinds of things on the Insta...but free Starbucks? Count me in. Tweets are always worth more points in giveaways, I get it. But if you tweet ten giveaway links in a row, buh-bye *hairflip emoji* I don't want your spam crap on my news feed. Or whatever its called on Twitter. Tweed (twitter+feed) see? I'm funny.

The pity poster.
These are the ones that are clearly posts for attention. You know, the dramatic "everyone hates me, my life sucks" posts. Then when someone asks whats wrong they suddenly don't want to talk about it because they're too busy being a drama queen. "Everything is falling apart. I can't do anything right." Translation: Feel sorry for me and tell me how amazing I am. Or that song lyric thats super dramatic and clearly they posted it for a reason, but when no one comments on it and asks whats wrong they post another "life sucks" status because that'll surely make someone comment. They're the ones who post the "I'm ugly" pictures just so people will tell them they're pretty...attention seeking whores.

The over-sharer.
I understand that you're excited that you just had a baby. I'm happy for you. But I don't want to know how much you're bleeding still or how well your child is latching or how much your vag hurts (I have too many of these on Facebook...this is not a drill.) I'm sorry you have a kidney infection, but please don't post pictures of your urine on Facebook. (Also a true story.) I'm all for a tweet about pooping and other funny things, but some people share way too much and its gross and I can't handle it.

The boyfriend basher.
I can never understand this one. Not every relationship is perfect, obviously. But who would bash their husband/boyfriend on Facebook? If you have issues, deal with it. When you post about how guys suck we obviously know you're talking about the guy you're with. Like how embarrassing would it be to go on Facebook and see that your boyfriend/girlfriend posted a status about how you better start treating him(her) right?! Not okay. It's embarrassing and rude and you're obviously immature if you think a tweet is going to solve your relationship problems. Oh, and we can see what you "Like" on Facebook so every time you like a picture with a cheesy quote about how you deserve better, we see it.

The hashtag whore.
#too #many #hashtags #are #annoying #and #we #dont #care #if #youre #wearing #nomakeup #and #theres #nofilter

What're your social media pet peeves?

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  1. I'm definitely guilty of tweeting giveaways- oops! I try not to overdo it but some nights I just go nuts!

  2. Well I hope you still love me because I definitely am an IG whore but not with selfies just with my amazingly fun life *hairflip emoji*

    BUT this girl I'm friends with on facebook just had a baby and she described, in detail, how her newborn had an explosive poop while his dad was changing him.

    Also the people who feel the need to defend everything "sorry i look ratchet today, it's because xyz" "oh i had to post this picture of my totesadorbs baby but sorry my house is a mess its because _____" NOBODY CARES about that just post the picture if it's important.

    /rant bye

  3. Ugh, totally on point. I laughed out loud at most of these and had a specific person in mind for pretty much everyone...side note, what's with the ultrasound pictures on Fbook? I don't want to see your uterus in black and grey with your weird looking baby on my damn newsfeed. Keep that ish private.

    My cousin is actually an instagram hashtag whore because she's "a model" in Dallas and I literally want to puke every single time I see her posts. What's worse? She has other people take her selfies to make them more flattering. I'm fairly certain I've yet to see a single picture of something besides her in the last 1288 posts.
    #cantstandit #yourenotreallyamodel #yourhairisfake #tonsofmakeup #okayrantover

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with this exact list of pet peeves. The only one I don't mind is the hashtag one. It'd be nice if everyone limited their hashtags to one or two, but it doesn't tempt me to unfollow someone if they go overboard. Everything else though...I definitely weigh the pros and cons of following those people.

  5. a haha that hashtags are definitely a pet peeve of mines, that and the constant stupid song quotes, one or two is fine but people are really messing up instagram.

  6. Haha the giveways thing gets on my nerves too - I try to only tweet about giveaways I'm actually hosting. As for song quotes..there are no words
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  7. Literally all of these are on point! People having babies should have their own Facebook type thing to post about their dramatic birth stories. I don't want to know about how you when to see the gyno and your are so many centimeters dilated and use proper grammar for goodness sake!

  8. Omg these drive me crazy! Especially the relationship basher. And two days later when they're so in love & the luckiest person in the world? It makes you look worse than it's making your s/o look! Drives me crazzzyyyyyy!

  9. I don't mind lots of hashtags. Doesn't bother me in the slightest. I do that, and have lots of success with it. Timex found me that way and sent me a watch of my choice. To each their own.

    However, I CANNOT stand when people talk about their periods or cramps. I don't want to know you are bleeding out of your vagina. No one wants to hear that.

  10. Hahahaha best blog post ever! So so true! I also hate family on facebook.....like when your grandma likes and comments on every single picture you've ever put up because she just learned how to do it!!

  11. Yes to all of these. Especially the pitty poster. Stop. Please. If you're fishing for compliments and sympathy you're not gonna get it from me!