birthdays, riots, and country music

Well guys, I'm just not in the mood to blog tonight. I'm swamped this week. I have two tests and an essay to get done, and I'm sick. I didn't really want to show up here today, but I feel bad when I do that (ugh why do I do that), so here I am. Being sick really sucks. I have a damn river flowing out of my nose and my head feels like it's been ripped apart by one of those freaky contraptions from a Saw movie. Speaking of the Saw movies….honestly, what's the point of making the creepy dude ride the little bike? So dumb. Anyway, today I thought I would just leave you with some fun things to look at.

PS- tomorrow is DJ's birthday!! Woo hoo. So in celebration, you can head over here and use the code "HAPPYBIRTHDAY" for a discount on any ad! :)

So, If you haven't heard (but I'm sure you have) UofA lost on Saturday to Wisconsin. So naturally, what do the students/creepy people of Tucson do? Oh yeah, of course- they start a riot. Apparently it got pretty crazy, and you can read about it here. But basically people started going crazy and there were a shit ton of cops with pepper spray (which my roommate had to ride her bike through lololol) and when we drove by, the cops had made like a cute little human barricade blocking the street. Oh, and I guess they were beating people up, too. #GoCats

On a happier note, I'm obsessing over Scotty McCreery right now. His voice….ugh! I love. This one's my favorite

I'm in the process of signing up for my GMAT and applying to grad school which is freaking crazy exciting and stressful. Oh, and expensive. I can't believe how ridiculously expensive it is to take the test and apply to school. Ugh. So since I have to start saving big time, I'm giving up Starbucks. Which is a big deal because I usually drink it like every day. But that shit's expensive! It's been like a week now and I'm having withdrawals so if someone wants to send me a gift card or personally deliver an iced soy chai to me that would rock.

So, thats all thats now over here in Briannaland. What's new with you?
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  1. You really don't have to post five days a week, especially if you are sick.

  2. Awe i hope you feel better! Take a break, relax and come back when you're feeling refreshed!

  3. I hope you feel better soon!! I can't I am just now hearing about this riot, hahaha

  4. I never buy starbucks but when I do its alwayyyys a soy chai - I'm sorry you're giving it up but I agree its too expensive. Hope you feel better & that your bf has a good birthday!