I'm young. I still have pretty much my whole life ahead of me. One day I'll get engaged, married, buy a home, start a family. Those are things that I'm sure most all girls dream about, and I'm no different. I love to think about what my wedding will be like, how I want to decorate my home, and what I'm going to name my kids. Yeah, I'm that girl. Especially now that I've found the man I'm going to do all of that with, it makes it much more realistic. Since I'm graduating this year, and Dj will be getting out of the military in two years, we've been talking a lot about our future. We don't really know what we'll do yet, but we talk about our options a lot. It's so exciting to me that we will have a clean start and can literally do anything and go anywhere we want. Like any girl with high hopes for the future, I plan it all out in Pinterest. If you follow me on there, you probably know that I go a little crazy sometimes. I could spend hours planning my wedding and browsing through the home decor section. So, I thought I would share with you my "pinterest perfect" life.

The Engagement
In this department, I usually pin rings, engagement photos, and ideas for a little engagement party. I mostly get excited about the photos, because they'll probably be the first good pictures Dj and I actually have together. All of our pictures right now are pretty much selfies, so we need some good, professional photos!

The Wedding
Well, I've had like a million wedding boards and I used to be legit obsessed with planning my "wedding." I just loved looking at ideas and dreaming about how I wanted my wedding to be someday. I'm over it now, but it's still fun to think about :) I love the idea of a rustic wedding outside or maybe in a barn! Which is tricky because its 100 degrees like all year round here, so it has to be perfect weather to get married outside!

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