how NOT to break up with someone

Breaking up with someone is clearly never an easy thing to do. But I mean if he's not floatin' your boat anymore somethings got to be done, right? Sometimes it seems as if there's no easy way to do it. Which it totally true, but there are some ways that are definitely worse than others. Personally, I've never been dumped in a manner that was too strange or cruel, but I know some people who have, and there are definitely plenty of ways not to break up with someone. Clearly, if any of these have happened to you, he wasn't worth it.
// a text message // 
Oh boy...story time! My best friend and I were at a restaurant one night and she thought the bus boy was cute. So naturally I left her number on the receipt, but we didn't really expect him to call. The next morning we were in my pool getting our tan on and her phone rang. It was him. Let's call him "Asshole." (you'll see why). Anyway, Asshole took her on a couple of dates and I'm pretty sure they were all pretty awkward. Oh, and let me go back and say that the very first etext he ever sent her was "Are you DTF?" NO. That's when we should've known. She wasn't that into him, but when they were at a red light and he asked her to be his girlfriend, she felt bad saying no and just said yes. So really this whole thing is probably her fault but still. So fast forward like a week. We were at SeaWorld. They were texting and he was talking to her about doing things that were not so appropriate for the blog. When she told him she wasn't going to do that with him, he replied, "Well it was fun hangin lmao xD" THAT WAS HIS BREAKUP TEXT. Does she know how to pick em or what?

// through a friend //
I guess this one's okay if you're in third grade. I get it- you're afraid to break the news to your not so special someone, but c'mon. It's never okay to have your friend break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend for you. It's hard enough getting dumped, let alone not being able to actually hear it from the person breaking up with you. Also, if you ever are the messenger and agree to break up with someone for a friend, you're an idiot.

// by doing absolutely nothing //
Ignoring people is rude in general. Especially if you're in a relationship with them. Cutting off communication might seem like an easy way out, but seriously who would do that? If I were in a relationship with a guy who just stopped talking to me, I'm pretty sure I'd freak out and think he was dead. So that would be fun.

// in a big group of people //
One thing I never understood is why people would talk about about their boyfriend or girlfriend to others or post it on social media. Sure, if you need to vent to a friend about some issues, that's one thing. But airing your relationship drama to the public is not only inconsiderate, but it's embarrassing for you and your significant other. Same goes with breaking up. If you're going to leave someone, don't do it publicly. Don't do it when they're around their friends. It should be something private where you can talk it out and not embarrass them.

// by changing your relationship status //
This one kills me. Do people really do this? I think its pretty obvious that changing your relationship status on Facebook is not a significant way to end a relationship with someone.

// on a holiday //
This one's the worst because it's so easily preventable. I know plenty of people who have been dumped on their birthday or on Christmas. Like honestly, if you're going to break up with someone thats usually a decision that you make in more than one day. I don't understand the problem with waiting one extra day and letting them enjoy their holiday. Its cruel! No one wants to get dumped on Valentine's Day.

What's the worst way you've broken up with someone? Or been broken up with?

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  1. My worst was when I got dumped at 16 through a text message while on a family vacation. I of course was stupid and dating him again, and in return ended up breaking up with him via text messages. Clearly a terrible relationship.

  2. Geez...between yesterday's post title and today, I was worried about you and your man for a second!

    My favorite was a guy who asked me to prom well in advance (he'd never had a gf), decided later that he had no job and no money and should do that instead of date, but said nothing to me, went to prom, was the most boring/neglectful date ever, and then finally told me what was up the next day when I called him out on it (down the road he did feel bad and I hear he wanted to try again, but it wasn't meant to be)

  3. The changing your relationship status is the one that gets me--I actually saw the whole break-up conversation unfold after one of my friends did that. Talk about awkward!!!!! I never had any of these happen to me though, thankfully!

  4. HAHA! Oh I really need to write a post about this one. I had a boyfriend in high school break up with me through text...but I had let someone borrow my phone during class and he still had it when I got the text. So instead of leaving the message- he DELETED it! And I had no idea that I had been broken up with.

  5. I would say my worst is when I found out from one of his friends that he had cheated on me multiple times and then I texted him saying that I needed to talk about something and I never heard from him again. Thank goodness this happened when I was young (beginning of high school) and we were only "dating" for only a few months.

  6. Doing nothing is the worst of all. GROW A PAIR!

  7. This pretty much breaks every rule above, but one time my boyfriend broke up with me ON MY BIRTHDAY by TEXTING my best friend who was at my BIRTHDAY PARTY and telling her that it wasn't working out and he wanted to see other people. Obviously, he was a real winner.

  8. It's never happened to me, but a friend just caught her boyfriend with a new Tinder AND eHarmony account, so yeah...that's over. Eesh!

  9. So I got dumped one time when I had the flu, over the phone, because "Jesus" told him to. The next week he had a new girlfriend. Seriously.

  10. Mine : My boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me through text saying he had another girlfriend (he was away at college)....AWKWARD doesn't even begin to describe it.

  11. I agree with all of these! Luckily I've never broken up with anyone. My first boyfriend broke up with me through text. I really don't consider that much of a relationship though because he never talked to me or visited me after I agreed to date him. He asked me if I do physical things with him that are not appropriate to mention here, I said no, he broke up with me, told me the only reason he wanted to date me in the first place was because of my breast size, and went after my friend (who did NOT agree to go out with him) Like I said before we never talked or visited, but it was still a traumatizing experience, so I try not to think of it as a past relationship.

    My second boyfriend who I met about a year later is my soon-to-be-husband. We will be getting married on June 21st!

  12. Well that guy is clearly a winner. Seriously, breaking up with someone sucks but you just have to face it and do it in person or, if that's physically impossible like my first real breakup, at least over the phone {it was before the days of skype}.

  13. I was ignored. We were 22 years old & he just ignored me. He was a straight asshat for a while then I was basically eff this shit I'm done. I was 750 miles away & it's not like I could march over to his house and tell him to go screw himself. I tried calling and he wouldn't answer any of my calls or text me back. FOR 8 DAYS 8 DAYS! So finally I texted him and said "since you're not man enough to actually call me back I'm just gonna say f*ck it. I'm done. We're done. Don't try to talk to me when I move home. For future reference it's not okay to ignore ANYONE let alone someone you supposedly care for." He replied "ok" UGHHH ASSHAT

  14. Ahh some people can be jerks! My best friend got broken up with by some girl that she didn't even know calling to tell her that her boyfriend was ending their relationship. Needless to say, he was a total douche anyways (excuse my language)....but seriously? Have a heart people!