an epic poem from erica jacquline

Happy Friday! I'm spending the day with my handsome man in Montana so today Erica has en epic poem for you! Enjoy! :)

An Ode To The Men I Work With
by Erica Jacquline
I am writing this poem for the men that work at my school.
Women have dominated education for years so the fact that you work here is pretty cool. 
Let me first say I am glad we are such great friends
Because of that fact I know that after this poem I will not need to make amends. 
I am writing this verse because there're some things I need to say 
Some things that cannot be said while we gather and pray. 
One of the topics of my forthcoming discretion 
Shall include the communal commode which is not a lunchtime conversation. 
You see the bathroom is one that is shared, 
And the ladies on staff are really quite scared. 
From the shavings in the skin to the seat that is left up
Us ladies are afraid to finish more than one coffee cup. 
While I am at it I am just so amazed 
You made it to work at all, sometimes you look quite dazed. 
Your shirts are all wrinkled and on Mondays you wear jeans
Because your "Domestic Engineer" did not have time to finish the laundry, whatever that means. 
OK, OK my gripping is done, 
Let us reflect on the times we had some fun. 
There are all the times we went out to lunch, 
And the only thing on the menu I wanted was Hawaiian Punch. 
My favorite lunch memory I can recall
Was the time we went to the Chipotle by the mall. 
You were not there so we gave you a call
You were at the Chipotle on by the gym, that detail was small. 
I must admit you have taught me so much 
About sci-fi, comics, and Batman at lunch.
I will never forget the time I said I like Thor's butt 
And you were all awkward and yelled "what the what?!"
You guys make work fun and you gave me baseball tickets
Even though sometimes you are not really "with it" 
When I hang out with you I will never frown, 
But for the love of all that is holy put the toilet seat down!

You can read more of my take on menial things and the humor I find in it all on my blog Erica Jacquline.  Follow along on Bloglovin - Twitter - Instagram 

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  1. Awe that was cute! I chuckled a bit :)

  2. Aw, enjoy your time with handsome! I'm beyond grateful that it's not common practice to have communal restrooms in the workplace, sharing a restroom with your husbands that enough :)))