meet my rival, Carissa

Well hello there lovelies! Today I am introducing you to one of my lovely sponsors, Carissa, from T is for Townsend. Homegirl is also from AZ and she's the literal shit (thats a good thing). She's funny and cute and awesome and I love insta-stalking her. So here we are for another round of sponsor madlibs and a quick intro from Carissa!

Hello Endlessly Beloved readers! My name is Carissa and I blog over at T is for Townsend. I write all my posts using only words that start with the letter T. ...Just kidding. That'd be crazy. Impossible actually. Kim Possible. Call me, beep me if you wanna reach me. Hopefully all you Disney kids got that or else no one will think it's funny except for me. So now that I've just wasted an entire paragraph's worth of a guest post let me be for real now. Brianna and I 
both hail from the sunny state of Arizona where she attends the University of Arizona (boooooo) and I'm an Arizona State alum (ASU!!). We make it work though. We're like, frenemies. I forgive her for being a wildcat and she puts up with my sundevil-ness, all in the name of the blogging community. All together now: "awwwwww." In fact, just for Brianna I found this lovely gem in my photo archives of when I went to a UofA football game with a friend.

Just for the record, this was before I ever stepped foot on an Arizona State campus so it can't be held against me ;) .  Anyway, you won't find anything in particular on my blog - no recipes (I hate cooking, and cleaning up...but I like the eating part), no workout tips, no fabulous outfits with perfectly coordinated accessories. But you will find pictures of my labs (the dog lab, not the science lab. I don't have any science labs), my husband might make an appearance every now and then, and other general commentary of the like. Come visit me would you?! It's not as boring as it sounds I promise.

Thanks Brianna for having me! ...Good night and Go Devils ;) oops:)

PS I had a completely different MadLibs story planned until I read that she was talking crap about my school, so now I present: Sponsor MadLibs, Bear Down Edition! I even used our colors ;) Blue is what Carissa filled in!

Oops, sorry Carissa, but you asked for it;) 

Anyway, she's the best so make sure you check out her blog and stalk her on every possible social media site!
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  1. Seriously LOVE her! And I love this madlibs!! :)


  2. Hahahahahaha, this is HILARIOUS!!! You've out-done yourself here Brianna, and I can't even be mad! You get bonus points for this one. Lots of bonus points. LOLOL!!!