a little about me + an artsy picture of some hot cheetos

Well, the last time I did a post sharing random facts about myself I had about 700 less followers. So I thought maybe it was time for another one. So, here's fifteen more things you probably don't care to know about me.
I realized that I have no pictures of me alone. This is literally the only one.

I get extremely uncomfortable in elevators with strangers.

I can chew through a whole pack of gum in an hour. I don't like gum after I've been chewing it for more than like ten minutes, so I have to get a new piece.

I get my feelings hurt really easily

Cheese is slowly becoming less appetizing to me (thank goodness...being lactose intolerant sucks.)

I hate writing but I love blogging

I never would've imagined that I would find a passion in blogging/designing/photography. I never took interest in anything art-related and if you would've told me two years ago that I would be so passionate about all of it today, I wouldn't have believed you.

I'm only 19 (which apparently no one in blog land knew until I tweeted about it the other day)

I'm graduating college a year early (maybe a year and a half now…yay!) and I'll graduate before I turn 21

I'm obsessed Hot Cheetos. Like so much that I may or may not have tried to take artsy pictures of them with my new camera... yolo

I hate the dentist so much

I get a major lady boner for Connie Britton

I hate wearing anything but yoga pants and a sweatshirt. Real pants are just so uncomfortable!

Sometimes I buy things just because they're pink

I'm terrible at saving money

I love winter and snow and cold weather. Anything beats 150 degree summers in Arizona.

What's something we don't know about you?
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  1. I totally did not know you were 19!! I'm also terrible at saving money so don't feel bad. As for me, most people don't know that Elizabeth isn't my first name...it's my middle name. :)

  2. Yoga pants and a sweatshirt are the most comfortable outfit! I am totally the same I can't stand chewing the same piece of gum for very long before I want a new one.

  3. Im with you in loving winter. Although we have had way too much snow and I am starting to get annoyed but i will take winter any day than having summer humid heat. No thanks!

  4. You buy because its pink? omg thats great.I do too with black/grey/white/striped things....yolo

  5. Wow you're super young! Haha. Arizona heat is the worst. I literally had never had sunburn in my life until I moved to Arizona. I was so confused as to what it was. haha. This was a cute post! I want to do one now. :)


  6. You're just 19? Let me be the billionth person whose jaw drops immediately. You go, girl!

    90% of the time I wear running leggings, so we are totally on the same boat. I just dissed real clothes on my post today, too. We're totally on the same wavelength.

    Also, one of the first things I took a picture of when I got a new camera a few years ago was... Cheese Balls.

  7. I have on two pairs of leggings today...because it's too cold for just one pair, but real pants suck. So I totally understand you on that one! But get your winter loving self outta here....to me, anything beats temps below freezing and constant snow for 2-4 months (and we're getting close to 5 months now....over it).

  8. I am absolutely obsessed with hot cheetos....like I can eat an entire bag. I love Connie Britton! I miss Friday Night Lights so much and I love love love Nashville!

  9. I'm terrible at saving money too but then again i'm a chick and love to shop esp online now a days.

    I'm not big on hot foods though.



  10. Totally knew about the hot Cheetos obsession. Me too! Yoga pants and a sweatshirt? Don't you ever get tired of that outfit? (Sitting on the couch in yoga pants and a sweatshirt as I type this) Kind of difficult to fit your lady boner in those types of pants. Hope you didn't watch Friday Night Lights or Nashville while wearing them. Connie Britton really is awesome in both shows. Just love her. Well, you're 19? Congrats! You can legally drink in Canada! Here's one fact you don't know about me: I try to avoid the color pink but it keeps creeping into my life. Guess it happens, with 3 girls. :-)

  11. I get extremely uncomfortable in elevators and I get my feelings hurt easily too! Glad to know that I'm not the only one. I'm right there with you on the yoga pants and sweatshirt too. I wish that I could live in them. I basically do!

    Ashley, Married to the Game

  12. I couldn't believe you were 19 when I found out either. You seem so much older and more mature!!!!
    P.S. That is the most beautiful photo of Cheetos I have ever seen.

  13. You do seem way more mature than 19, crazy! I think everyone is uncomfortable in elevators with strangers. I learned this from living in an apartment with an elevator. It's funny. You look so pretty. Love this picture! I live in yoga pants and workout short. They are the best!

  14. I had no idea you were only 19! I always assumed you were 20-22ish because you're so mature. Also, love that photo of you!

  15. I'm really into that artsy picture.
    also why are you a baby ugh. ;)

  16. First off you are absolutely beautiful girl! I'm sure your man tells you all the time, but I know it is nice to hear it from a stranger and second I hate the dentist more than anything else on this Earth. Fun Fact I once waited a half hour in the lobby then decided to leave because I thought I was going to have a panic attack! Opps!

  17. 1. Holy shit I didn't know you were 19!!! I'm like your grandma!!! (Because that's possible lol).
    2. Dentist. My personal hell.
    3. You like the cold?!?? You.Are.Insane!!!!!

  18. Wow I didn't know you were only 19 either, I would have always assumed you were a bit older. I love Hot Cheetos too, num num! I love these kind of things :)
    One thing you may not have known about me, I am still fairly flexible - I use to be much more so, but I have become lazy.

  19. Like everyone else, I thought you were older. No idea why!

    Confession: I've never had hot cheetos.

  20. So glad I'm not the only one who sucks at saving money- I'm working on it though! Loved learning more about you- can't believe you're graduating so early (I may or may not be taking a victory lap...oops)! That's awesome :)

  21. I'm always been a creative type of person, which is definitely one of the reasons that I'm a photographer. I would die if I was lactose intolerant.. I probably eat cheese at least once a day or once every two days. You're only 19?? I totally didn't know that. I feel super old compared to you.. I'm almost 28 haha

  22. You couldn't have shocked me more. You seem so mature, which is totally a good thing. i would wear Yoga pants and a sweatshirt everyday if it was allowed at work!

  23. I dont know how I havent found you sooner?! Local Arizonian, hot cheeto lovin gal right here!