my dream guy

The other night, my roommates and I were talking about what qualities the "perfect guy" for us would possess. It's something I'm pretty sure all girls talk about in like eighth grade, but we had so much fun coming up with a list of qualities a mile long. From the obvious things like he has to shower, to the super nit picky things that my roommate said like, "he has to take care of me but not be pushy about it- like, he has to let me be independent sometimes." 

Now, you all know I'm obsessed with Handsome. I've found my perfect guy, and I love everything about him. He pretty much embodies (most) of the things on here, but I didn't make this list based on him. I'm just lucky that I found a guy that fits my list pretty well ;) 
So, my dream guy...

is romantic. I am a hopeless romantic for sure. I love anything overly cheesy and disgustingly lovey dovey. I want flowers, nice dinners, watching the sunrise and all that crap, you know? I mean yeah I love staying home watching TV and ordering in pizza (or maybe something with a little less cheese), but every once and a while a nice romantic gesture is always appreciated.

dresses well. I used to not care about what a guy wore. But as I've gotten older (aka I'm not in high school anymore), it really bothers me when all a guy wears is a T-shirt and basketball shorts. I mean, if were just lounging around the house or even just going to run an errand, it's whatever. But if we're going to a movie, or the mall, dinner, or anywhere out together in public, he has to look nice. At least nice jeans and a clean shirt, right? Oh, and he has to wear a watch. Watches are sexy. 

+ loves country music. That's a given. If we don't have the same taste in music, only bad things can happen. It leads to arguments over who gets to pick the music you play in the car, you can't go to concerts together, and all that shit. I'm obsessed with music, and all I listen to is country, so this one's important to me. Maybe he doesn't have to love it, but he has to be willing to listen to it at the very least!

+ is a gentleman. Guys these days are rude. I need a man that will hold doors for me, open the car door for me (I didn't realize guys did that, but handsome does for me every time and I love it), he has to pay when we go out (or at least offer to pay), and complement me. I know, that sounds so stuck up and conceited. But were talking about a fictional perfect guy here, and don't tell me that's not ideal.

+ is stable. He has to be going somewhere with his life. If he doesn't have a job, he better be in school. If he's not in school, he better have a job that will take him somewhere. If I'm going to have a future with someone, they have to be able to help support us.

+ makes me laugh. I like to laugh. I like a funny guy. I think that's pretty self explanatory. He also has to think I'm funny. Well, because I am.

Remember when I said that Handsome fits (most) of these? Well, as I was writing this I realized that he fits it all. Shit, I'm one lucky girl! It wouldn't be a post about the perfect guy without a picture of us, right? 
This picture's perfect for this post. You know why? Because we're wearing Krispy Kreme hats. It's perfect because if there wasn't a perfect guy out there for me, I'd probably marry a donut.
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  1. It's awesome to be with the perfect to you man! I know I hit the jackpot with my husband!

  2. lol makinga list is a great idea actually to find out what u really want ina person. I did it before. and my guy def is all of the things i originally had wanted as qualities in a man :)

  3. FIND ME MY PERFECT MAN. Kthnx they all suck.

  4. Hahahaha, the last line of this post had me literally crack up in class. Oops.
    This is precious though. Glad you've found your perfect man. :)


  5. Aw, yay for you! I made a list after my last breakup and my boyfriend now fits it all perfectly!! I love him so much and feel so lucky every day!! <3

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  6. I try, try, try to get my boyfriend to like country music but at least he tolerates it for me.

  7. Haha! These would all be on my list minus the country one. I like some country but I am a rocker chick at heart.

  8. Love your list! Sadly, my fiance isn't a country music fan :( But, with that said, he would take me to a country concert if I wanted to go & puts up with me dancing around the house to it all the time. But we have a shared love of rock music, so we don't completely conflict. And we have a shared hate for most pop music.. so that helps ;)

  9. YESSSSSSSS! & he has to know that sometimes I think random stuff is funny & just go along with it for my sake.

  10. Yay to finding your perfect man!!!! I wish I had done it the first time but this time I got it right =)

  11. "This picture's perfect for this post. You know why? Because we're wearing Krispy Kreme hats. It's perfect because if there wasn't a perfect guy out there for me, I'd probably marry a donut." Bahahaha... I love you so much! Can we both marry a donut and be sister-wives?! ;P

  12. I totally understand the whole thing about wanting romance! And guys definitely need to realize when they should put on some jeans and a nicer shirt. You're a lucky girl to have found such a great guy. You two are adorable together - Krispy Kreme hats and all! HCXO


  13. Aww, how cute! Can you duplicate him and send the copy to NYC please?

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes