my carpool buddies

My apartment is a couple miles off of campus, so they have a free shuttle that runs from the apartment to campus every half hour or so. I have a car, but parking on campus is so expensive, so I take the shuttle to my classes every Tuesday and Thursday. (Yay for having Monday, Wednesday, and Friday off!)

The shuttle's basically a bus/van thingy with a driver and passenger's seat and about ten seats in the back. I usually take it with the same people every time, since we all have class at 8, we take a 7:20 shuttle (gross.) And let me tell you, there are some interesting characters on the shuttle.

Beauty Queen. This girl is definitely over dressed every. single. day. It's one thing to want to look nice for class, but she looks like she's headed for a Miss America pageant. I'm talking an entire aisle at Sephora worth of make up, a dress, and either wedges or heels...every day. It's 7:20 am, you're headed to a class at U of A, and you're arriving in a shuttle. Go put on sweats or something.

Anime Guy. I mean this one's pretty self-explanitory, but this kid clearly loves anime. How do I know? Hmm. Maybe its his anime backpack, or anime shirt, or the little beanie he wears with anime characters on it. Or maybe the fact that he's either watching anime on his iPad or reading an anime book every day. Take your pick.

Passenger Girl. Like I said, it's early in the morning. This means that the shuttle is pretty empty. It's just me and my friends here that I'm sharing with you. So there's about five seats that are empty every morning. Passenger Girl, though, must be too cool to sit in the normal section of the shuttle with the rest of us. She always sits in the passenger seat up front with Shuttle Driver Joe. They must be BFF's because he knows her entire life story already.

Orange Sweatshirt. This kid actually seems normal. And nice. But he wears the same orange sweatshirt. Every day. Hopefully he washes it.

And there you have it, my four friends on the shuttle!
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  1. I just lost my car pool ride and not even sure what was wrong with the chick. Just randomly yesterday she said she couldnt take us after me and another chick were depending on her and paying her together 80.00 bucks a week. Some folks are just mean as hell. and I would never do anyone the way she'd done me.


  2. I couldn't help but chuckle at this :) Sounds like you ride the shuttle with some interesting people!! I applaud the beauty queen for having the dedication to dress to the nines every day.. that's too much work.

  3. Sounds like an interesting group. Beauty Queen reminds me of my sister. She used to get all dolled up anytime she left the house back in high school/college. She's a lot more laid back now.

  4. "Hopefully he washes it." Hahahahahahahahahha! I can't staaaaand when girls act like class is a fashion show.

  5. This is awesome - perfect snapshot of uni life!!