what i'm listening to!

If you've been with me from the beginning, you might remember that every Tuesday I would pick my current favorite song, and share it with you. Well, I stopped that a few weeks ago, just because I always had other things I wanted to talk about. But music is such an important part of my life, so I decided to start that back up again, on Wednesdays. I am always listening to music. In the car, shower, while I'm blogging..always. If I'm in a bad mood, it makes me happy. If I'm stressed, it calms me down. I love discovering new music, and so I thought this might help some of you find some new songs too! Warning: I only listen to country. Sorry not sorry. So let's get to it! (We even have a new look!)

Chris Young is by far my favorite artist. He doesn't have one song that I don't love. [There I go with the double negative again...] This week, I've been listening to Goodbye on repeat. It's so good.

Goodbye by Chris Young - www.musicasparabaixar.org on Grooveshark

And the lyrics:
Knock on my door
You're on my porch
It's about 11:30
And that only means
One of two things
Either you're a little bit lonely
Or something ain't right
And judgin' by
The tear in your eye
You're about to say something crazy
Like goodbye
Stop right there
Don't say a word
Just let me hold you
Girl, we can fix
Whatever it is
So whatever you do
Don't let us die
The love of a lifetime
Is worth at least a million tries
Baby what we got
Is too good for goodbye
This ain't a game
I'm trying to play
Girl, we got something real here
You don't just break up
Whenever it gets tough
So, baby, don't you leave here
I want you to say
You're gonna stay
And we're in this thing forever
Come whatever, so
[Repeat Chorus]
It's too good for goodbye
[Repeat Chorus]
Yeah, it's too good for Goodbye



  1. I love Chris Young. His song 'Aw Naw' gets me in a dancing mood every time it's on the radio!

  2. Love the song! Cool idea to blog about the things you listen to :) Should do the same!

  3. Love that song!!! I'm a country lover!

  4. Country music is my absolute favorite genre... even though I listen to everything. Have you ever been to Nashville?! It is by FAR the most awesome place! :)