oh hey handsome!

It's my favorite time of the month! I'm linking up again with Mallory and Stephanie for The Boys Behind the Blog! This is where our guys get a chance to take the spotlight and answer five questions every month!
Mal Smiles

1. Who is your favorite band or musician?
Right now I'd say my favorite is D Ruck. But Chris Young is a close second!
Southern State of Mind by Darius Rucker on Grooveshark

 2. What was the first tape or CD you owned? It was one of the Wow CD's. Or is it Now? I don't know. It was like Wow 5 or something. It's Now. 'Now That's What I Call Music.' Nice try though love ;)

3. Who was your first concert? I never went to many concerts when I was younger. So the first actual concert I went to was when I saw the Weekend in Belgium. Speaking of Belgium...take me back!!!
4. What's your favorite Thanksgiving food? I would say it would have to be my mom's sweet potato casserole. She mashes up sweet potatoes and puts walnuts in it and bakes the whole thing with marshmallows on top. It's amazing!

5. Complete the sentence: I am thankful for... I am thankful for the most amazing family and friends in the world. Which includes my very best friend who also happens to be the love of my life. :) Hey! That's me! He makes my heart happy 

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  1. Love the pictures in Belgium! What a sweetie. :)

  2. I remember those Now CD... all the greatest hits on one disc! :)

  3. Okkkkkay. You two are so freakin' cute!
    And first concert in Belgium? That's AMAZING!
    And I just saw the other day a Now That's What I Call Music 48 (or something like that) at Walmart. I was DYING that they still make those!!

  4. So cute! I totally forgot about Now, whoa. Flashback. That last answer - how sweet :)
    Here from the linkup! PS. Love your jacket in the first picture!

  5. Aww, so sweet.... I like your little commentary, too. :) I might need to rope my boyfriend into doing this one of these days. haha!

    xo Always, Abby

  6. You two are cute together! His "I'm thankful for" statement is too sweet!

    Stopping by from the BBB link-up.

    Haylee @ Jets and a Brunette

  7. I think the WOW CD collections are actually the Christian version of the NOW cds. Maybe it was a Christian one? Haha. I dunno.

  8. He sounds so sweet! And his mom's casserole sounds delish!

  9. You two are just so sweet! Thanks for linking up! XO

  10. Hi! Thanks for following! :) Love your blog! And those photos of you and your man are so adorable!

  11. Oh you both are so sweet! I seriously need to find someone for this link up, ugh!

  12. Love it! You two are very sweet.

    And Belgium looks amazing! How cool that THAT was where he attended his first concert??


  13. You guys are too dang sweet! I love it :)

  14. I like the idea of that linkup! Thanks for sharing it. What an awesome idea :)