cool venues to host your wedding [guest post]

Hi lovelies! I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! I ate way, way too much. Today I have a special post for you  from Danielle at http://hobba.com.au on choosing a good venue for a wedding! 

OK, first off, I want to say a big thank you to the lovely Brianna for kindly letting me contribute to her blog. I’ve loved reading about her adventures with the gorgeous Dj and I’m proud to be able to share some stories with you guys.

I was lucky enough to go to two weddings in the last few weeks. I thought you might want to hear how special they were to give you some inspiration for the next time you find yourself organizing a big event.

The first was at a rustic old warehouse in the middle of Melbourne, called Hobba. It doesn’t sound like a classy venue does it! But I couldn’t believe how cool everything looked, especially considering that it used to be a tyre workshop! The walls were exposed brick, there were black downlights and candles everywhere, as well as cute little potplants on the walls.
The bride and groom opted for a cocktail style wedding, which was so much more fun than sit-down would have been. No one was unlucky enough to be stuck on the dreaded kids or singles table, everyone mingled and got to talk to who-ever they wanted. Oh, and the best part, there was a photo booth! So much better than a roaming photographer who interrupts you mid-conversation for a group snap. A collection of costume accessories were next to the machine so guests could get a little silly. And after a few too many glasses of champagne, they certainly did! In the privacy of the booth, my boyfriend and I took a few cheeky kissing shots, little did we realize, after the event the bride and groom received duplicates of every shot taken! So embarrassing!
My other wedding was a country affair, the couple were friends of mine who grew up together in a small town. They made the trip back home for the big day and the ceremony was held on the banks of a beautiful calm river. The bride arrived in a horse and cart, it was a fairy tale moment and perfectly suited to the country setting. As for the groom, well he was what we’d call a bit of a larrikin, he loved to make jokes and lighten the mood. When the time came for the couple’s first dance, he sprinted onto the dancefloor and slid onto his knees.
I’m truly lucky to have such wonderful friends who wanted me to be a part of their special day. 
Do you have any great stories of an unusual wedding you’ve been to? 

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  1. I like seeing things like this and making mental notes to myself for when I get a ring. I like the non traditional route for us I think. :)

  2. cute!!! I actually had my wedding at a rustic barn! it was completely out of my element, but i couldn't get over the beautiful venue!

  3. I liked the idea for cocktail wedding reception. If a formal multicourse dinner in a stately ballroom is just doesn’t feel very you, scale back the pomp of a traditional reception and ramp up the good times with an elegant cocktail party instead.

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