ten favorite things #1 {LINK UP}

I already did a post on this, but I want to know this month what you love about fall!

In case you missed it, here are my ten favorite things about fall:

one It finally starts to cool down. I'm so ready for this 120 degree heat to get out of here already! Even though it probably wont cool down until like....November. Ugh.
two Dark nail polish. Yes! Out of my 81 bottles of nail polish, about half are dark colors. I absolutely love dark nail polish- sometimes I even wear it in the summer. But anyway, its almost time to break out my favorite Essie dark blue!
three Hot drinks at Starbucks. Yes please! I'm completely obsessed with Starbucks, and I think everything tastes better hot. But when you're walking around in the middle of an Arizona summer, a hot drink is definitely a no-go. Ok so don't shun me for this, but I'm not a big PSL fan. I'd much rather enjoy a soy white mocha or chai latte. Bring it on!
four Carving pumpkins! Who doesn't love to do that?! 
five Warmer clothes. I love wearing winter clothes. I'm so excited to visit Montana this fall and be able to actually dress like it's cold outside! I could wear shorts in the middle of November in Arizona. It's awful. 
six The Nightmare Before Christmas. One of my favorite movies ever. I'm a huge Tim Burton fan, and I could watch this movie over and over and over again.
seven Everyone is happier in the fall! It's the beginning of the holiday season- the best time of the year! How could you not be happy?!
eight Festive decorations. I love seeing pumpkins on everyone's porches and all of the Halloween decorations. I have lots of fun DIY ideas for October. Jack-O-Lantern mason jars anyone?!
nine Nashville. The TV show. The newest season starts this fall [September 25] and I'm so excited! It's my favorite show and I'm dying to see what happens this season.
ten The food. Candy on Halloween and turkey on Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, stuffing, more pumpkin pie.... yeah. I can't wait.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, NEXT MONTH the theme will be ten things you're thankful for. Stay tuned for the first Saturday in November and link up your post! :)
I can't wait to see what all of your ten favorite things are! Thanks for linking up!
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  1. I love your list . Count me out of pumpkin craving because I am bad at it.

  2. I am so glad I found your blog! Fall is my favorite season and I love this link up! Nashville is one of my absolute favorite shows too. I couldn't wait for the premier this season after the way last season ended. Looking forward to poking my nose around your blog a little more.


  3. yay! I am so excited for winter clothes!

  4. This is a great linkup, I would love link up. But how do I do it I'm new to the blog world :-)
    How do I see others link ups so I can check them out?

  5. I love your list - I agree with it wholeheartedly!
    I can't wait to link up next month, it's a great idea!
    Also, I nominated you for the sunshine award ♥

  6. :) It's so cool that you've set up and are hosting your own link up!

  7. I love this idea! So glad to be part of it :)

  8. I love wearing shorts in November but 120 degrees is a little on the extreme side!! I love the Candy on Halloween too. It's my excuse to binge eat candy and not feel as guilty about it.

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    It's time to mingle and to exchange ideas with fellow bloggers.
    Thank you and hope to see you there. :)