saying goodbye.

Saying goodbye sucks. Handsome left today. He picked me up and dropped me off at the shuttle so I could go back to school and he could head to Montana. We may or may not have sat in the car for like 30 minutes just crying. I tried so hard to hold it together! But we both knew that wasn't going to happen.

I'm happy for him though. He gets to embark on this new adventure- starting over somewhere completely new is pretty scary, but I know he's going to love it there. He's stopping by the Grand Canyon on his way and staying in Salt Lake City tonight before he makes it to Montana tomorrow. I'm so jealous! I wish I could be there making the drive with him. I can't wait to go visit him this December. I have my countdown started already :)

I hate having to say goodbye to him, but I know that someday we'll never have to say goodbye again. I had an amazing month with him, and its the times like this that we get to spend together that make all of the waiting worth it.

I'm so thankful for him and the time I get to spend with him. He's such a gentleman and he's way too good to me! I'm so lucky.

Speaking of being thankful...
Don't forget to get your posts ready for the next Ten Favorite Things link up on November 2! This month's topic is ten things you're thankful for. See you there!!!

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  1. I know long distance is rough...keep that end in sight! It will all be worth it.

  2. It will all be worth it in the end! Hang in there!


  3. Saying goodbye is never fun. :( I'm glad you know when you get to be together again though!

    I'm already working on my Ten Things for next months link-up. :)

  4. Saying goodbye is always tough :(

  5. Hang in there! December will be here soon enough :]

    Caitlyn | engimaticambiance.blogspot.com

  6. Y'all have a beautiful story! I really enjoy reading about it. Stay strong, dearest.

    Fal • Falfindshappiness.blogspot.com

  7. I remember doing long distance with my husband. It is hard but doable and makes the someday when you don't have to say goodbye to each other, so much sweeter!!

  8. Goodbyes are the hardest part. I left Ryan this weekend, and I cried my eyes out even though I'll see him again in 6 weeks. It really never gets any easier, does it?

  9. Saying goodbye totally sucks! My husband and I were long distance till we were married, and my parents and siblings live in another country than I do...so I've had to say goodbye more often than I'd like, too! Just look forward to another "Hello" someday!!